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Feature Article
Teri Nicholas: It takes a Village....Teri Nicholas: It takes a Village....Rachael BiggsTeri Nicholas has devoted her career to helping children and their families. From working one-on-one with street kids to her current position as president and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Teri has remained focused on the simple but powerful goal she set for herself as a young girl: to help people. Q: You’re in a role now that is very meaningful and hugely important. Can you give us some idea of where it all began? Have you always had a passion for philanthropy? A: I always knew that I wanted to make a difference and that I wanted to help people. I had two older sisters that were teachers and they definitely inspired me. I studied sociology and upon graduating at the age of twenty, I started down this path as a childcare worker. I worked closely with kids who suffered from emotional and behavioural issues, were runaways or...Read More >>
Additional Articles
Getting Over Summer: Repairing Sun DamageGetting Over Summer: Repairing Sun DamageAmanda Beisel Summer is a carefree season spent outdoors soaking up the sun. This daily sun exposure, combined with sweat, ocean salt, wind, and pollution, inevitably leaves our skin with more damage year after year. While our largest organ is protecting us all summer long, we often...Read More >>
So Much More Than a Smile: Cedric’s StorySo Much More Than a Smile: Cedric’s StoryDr. Kelvin MahI can say with absolute certainty that one of the best perks of my job (and there are many!) is that I get to meet so many people from different walks of life. It brings me so much joy to hear the stories that everyone...Read More >>
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411Crystal JensenThe buzz on the best, latest and coolest beauty products from beauty blogger Crystal Jensen! Sun-Kissed The new "Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder" from Annabelle combines perfect shades of bronze and gold. This bronzer is great for both the body and face, for an all over glow....Read More >>
Monique HurteauMonique HurteauRachael BiggsModern day Renaissance woman Monique Hurteau paints, writes, performs stand-up comedy and produces documentary film -- all with a degree of success that has been a delightful surprise to her. Fortunately, this funny lady was generous enough to spend a little time with us to...Read More >>
Fountain of YouthFountain of YouthFresh Vancouver LIFT: COLLAGEN SERUM Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. No Fillers. Unscented. This restorative serum increases skin elasticity to accommodate the changes that come with age and/or loss of volume in the face. A potent combination of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid maintain and protect the structure...Read More >>
Crystal Carson Style GuideCrystal Carson Style GuideCrystal Carson Oversized Hooded Wool Jacket / Stella McCartney / Holt Renfrew / $2,475 Studded Pearl Earrings (Black Gold & Silver, Black Natural Diamonds & Tahitian Pearls) / Starting at $1800Studded Pearl Ring (Black Gold & Silver, Black Natural Diamonds, Tahitian Pearl)...Read More >>
Women in BusinessWomen in BusinessFresh Vancouver Julia Chung The Personal CFO A certified financial planner, chartered underwriter, family enterprise advisor, and published business columnist, Julia takes a holistic approach to personal finance with a focus on the big picture. “I create strategies for my clients and coach them through long-term...Read More >>
Focus on Women: Catherine EasdownFocus on Women: Catherine EasdownFresh VancouverCatherine Easdown has seen first-hand the effects of cancer and its treatment. Her mother and aunt battled the disease, a cousin has recently been diagnosed, and many other family members have battled the disease including two uncles, her brother, and her brother-in-law. Most recently, her sister-in-law has...Read More >>
For the Love of FallFor the Love of FallLarissa ShulginIt’s that time of the year again; fall is around the corner. Your hair feeling dry and brassy from those warm summer days on the beach? The next thing on your mind is what’s happening with the hair this season. Typically for fall, we tend...Read More >>