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Feature Article
Some Time with Karlene Karst RDSome Time with Karlene Karst RDDan TidsburyAs a registered dietician, author, and recognized authority on the role of natural food and wholesome ingredients, Karlene Karst devotes her time and efforts to helping people get back to the basics to live a long, healthy life. Here, she shares her experience and insights with Fresh readers. The origins of her interest in nutrition and wellness… “Many people who come to use natural health products and eat an organic, whole food diet come from a place of need. I was the same. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan with a wonderful and loving family. Life was simple; however, by the time I was 12, I had lost three of my grandparents from cancer. That same year, my father was diagnosed with stage-3 bladder cancer. He was 35 years old. I was made aware from a very young age how fragile life is. I saw that without our...Read More >>
Additional Articles
April Is Rosacea Awareness MonthApril Is Rosacea Awareness MonthDr Jason RiversMore Than a Red Face By Dermatologist Dr. Jason K. Rivers, MD, FRCPC, FAAD with contributions from Sandi Lesueur, CEO, Riversol Skin Care Solutions Inc. As a rosacea and adult acne specialist, I was approached by Fresh Magazine to explain what rosacea is and how...Read More >>
Starting with Why: A Best Friend’s Smile StoryStarting with Why: A Best Friend’s Smile StoryDr. Kelvin MahOne of the greatest privileges of my job (which never really feels like a job!) is that my patients generously invite me into their lives, so that I can explore the roots of their personalities and preferences, discover their true, authentic smile, and apply my...Read More >>
The Spa at Nita Lake LodgeThe Spa at Nita Lake LodgeFresh Vancouver We were looking for a reviving spring break when we heard about The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge. Like a breath of fresh mountain air, The Spa is a cleansing space for mind, body and soul and the spa’s 2013 refresh saw the decor becoming...Read More >>
Face & Beauty
Beauty Treatments from Around the WorldBeauty Treatments from Around the WorldCadi Jordan  Beauty treatments come in many different forms, especially when it comes to traveling the world. Some of these treatments may seem mysterious and a bit odd, but nonetheless they have their purposes. Most of these treatments make use of the native plants and materials that...Read More >>
Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411Crystal JensenTips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Check out Flying Fox With the Vancouver weather still lingering around, what better way to lift your spirit than a little mood-altering aphrodisiac. "Flying Fox" by Lush brings sultriness to the shower with scents...Read More >>
Crystal Carson: Style GuideCrystal Carson: Style GuideCrystal CarsonPHOTOGRAPHER: CHRIS HAYLETT Producer/Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson Make-Up: Marlayna Pincott of Lizbell Agency Hair Stylist: Curtis Hunter of Moods Hair Salon Assistants: Emery Pastachak & MJ Villegas Model: Angelica with Lizbell Agency Location: Windset Farms Classic...Read More >>
Hot Spring Hair Trends for 2014Hot Spring Hair Trends for 2014Van NguyenFor Spring 2014, take a laid back approach to “effortless romance” hairstyles. Our top four hot spring hair trends: Extreme side part Changing the part of your side has been proven to instantly change the look with minimal effort. Take the part deeper for a...Read More >>
I am in my mid 30’s and want to start taking care of my skin, but there are so many skin treatments and products available and I have no idea where to start. I am looking for affordable options, but do want to see results. What do you recommend for someonI am in my mid 30’s and want to start...Amanda Beisel Booking a skincare consultation with a trusted skin practitioner is the best first step.  Skin consults are your opportunity to ask your questions and be educated by the skincare practitioner on what options are available for you, your skin needs, and goals and this consultation...Read More >>
The Latest Innovation in Collagen Induction Therapy:  Dermapen Skin Needling...Amanda Beisel Dermapen is the latest innovation in skin needling and collagen induction therapy and is quickly becoming the optimal choice in skin rejuvenation due to its low risk profile and minimal downtime. The Dermapen has become the new industry standard for skin needling, providing excellent results. This...Read More >>