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Show a Little Leg with a Lot of Confidence
Written by Chrissy Hlatky   

An ancient remedy with a modern twist to banish your cellulite

hand on bare legsWith the long-awaited arrival of spring sunshine and blooming tulips, we are reminded that summer is just around the corner. Our thoughts drift to the beauty of beach season... then turn to the dreaded idea of having to bare it all. We hit the gym and try the newest juice cleanse, but for many of us, inch loss is not our main objective. The naked truth is, many of us would be a little more likely to embrace our bodies if they weren’t riddled with cellulite.

An estimated 80 to 90 percent of women are affected by cellulite. It seems like every year, a new wonder cream hits the market. You’ve heard it all before: big promises with little results. But where does one turn when creams and cardio do not work, and when body wraps and spa treatments are too much of a time and financial burden? It was this exasperation that led to the creation of an effective new cellulite solution based on an ancient remedy: anti-cellulite cupping. Founded on the principles of ancient Chinese cupping methods and paired with natural products full of highly active ingredients, this in-spa and take-home treatment is a breath of fresh air when it comes to finding a cellulite solution.

The Ancient Art of Cupping

The practice of Chinese cupping has been employed for many centuries. Used as a device for many ailments, it has also proven very efficient in reducing the appearance of cellulite. There are many conditions that result in cellulite including hormonal changes, diet and genetics, but the one common root cause in the creation of cellulite is a lack of circulation and lymphatic drainage. Traditional cupping is said to help draw toxins out of the lymphatic system, increase circulation and allow for better absorption of vital nutrients applied to the skin post-treatment. Inspired by this ancient technology but redesigned with the modern woman in mind, anti-cellulite cupping uses a silicon cup created to function in motion so it can slide back and forth over trouble areas (usually the upper thighs and buttocks). Unlike more traditional glass cups, the medical grade silicone is able to contour the fine curves of the leg without losing suction.

Firm and Tighten

Once tissues are softened and lymphatic drainage is initiated, the skin is more easily able to absorb the active ingredients in topical products. Following your cupping treatment with nutrient-rich massage oil, shower gel and body cream will amplify your results. Active ingredients such as caffeine, kikui nut, coenzyme Q10 and sea kelp help nourish, tighten and firm the skin.

Whether you want to be pampered with an in-spa treatment or you wish to perform your anti-cellulite treatment in the privacy and comfort of your home, anti-cellulite cupping is a great way to help you finally banish your not-so-darling dimples. It’s not always about trying something new; sometimes your best bet is trying something old with a modern twist!

Chrissy Hlatky -

Passionate about quality, ethics and beauty, Chrissy Hlatky developed ButterCup, a breakthrough anti-cellulite cupping treatment and product line that is all-natural and cruelty free. Inspired by the ancient Chinese cupping technology and paired with a powerful line of body products, ButterCup is the first cellulite solution of its kind to become available in spas and as a take-home treatment. For more information, visit