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Lipolaser Body Contouring: The Inside Scoop
Written by Liberty Craig   

Body contouring without surgery, needles, or any pain.

I’d never actually heard of “lipolaser” before, and truth be told, I was extremely sceptical. After all, if there was a procedure that could reduce the fat on specific parts of your body – without surgery or anything at all invasive – wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The Lipolaser Experience

On a sunny Friday morning that put the fear of bathing suit season into me, I packed up my notebook and my list of questions and headed down to Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown to meet with Ron Zarr of Nu Age Body Care. We spoke for quite some time about the methodology and science behind lipolaser treatments, discussing his business, his clientele, and the success rate of his services. It was a friendly, professional conversation.

But then it was time for me to show the man my fat.

Now, as I’m sure any woman who has had a couple of children (or perhaps crossed a certain age threshold) can attest to, things become a little... different. The fat sits on our bodies in ways that we’re not accustomed to. And for many (myself included), there is more of it than there used to be!

However, Ron assured me that the treatment is suitable for all kinds of people – not just those with residual baby belly. The best candidates for the treatment, he said, are men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 who are in good health. People who eat well, drink enough water, and do some regular exercise will respond better to the treatment than those who don’t, since the success of the procedure relies upon the client having a clean lymphatic system. More on that later.

The first thing Ron did was measure my hips and belly in three areas: The top (waist), the middle (belly bulge), and bottom (hips). He marked the locations of each measurement on my skin with a white pencil, and recorded the numbers in the company’s database. He then instructed me to lie on a bed that was set up with support for the knees and a comfortable pillow. Music was playing quietly in the background; magazines, candles and plants lined the window sill. It was a very relaxing, spa-like environment.

Ron then took the two paddles from the lipolaser machine and placed them on my belly, securing them with a Velcro strap. He also gave me two smaller paddles and instructed me to place them myself (which was a nice bit of discretion) below my belly next to the pubic area. I braced myself for him to turn on the machine, thinking I’d feel something strange or unpleasant, but there was nothing. I didn’t feel anything at all, although apparently some patients do report a mild prickling sensation.

The paddles were moved to four different positions around my abdomen during the treatment, each for an interval of 10 minutes. The final step was to spend 10 minutes standing on the vibrating machine, a new experience for me that was a little rattling, to say the least, though not really unpleasant.

Okay: measurement time. Time for the truth. Does this thing really work? Ron was very careful to measure within the lines he had marked on my abdomen. I watched like a hawk to see if he was pulling the tape tighter or doing anything different from the first measurement – not that I suspected him of being deceitful, but did I mention I’m a sceptic?

And the results (drum roll please....): An INCH off my hips. Half an inch off my middle. Three-quarters of an inch off my waist.

In my next session a few days later (after a badly behaved weekend involving far too much wine, cheese, and gourmet breads), I was astounded to find that my starting measurements were lower than my after-treatment measurements from the first session. And again, I lost inches in the second session!

I was amazed! So how does this thing really work? Let’s have a look.

The Science Behind Lipolaser Body Contouring

Rather than remove fat cells through surgical liposuction – which is invasive, costly, painful and potentially risky – lipolaser aims to simply shrink the fat cells in your body. The technology has existed in Canada for about three years, though it’s been in Europe for over eight years. It is Health Canada and FDA certified and safe to use. The only reported side effect is that some darker-skinned patients have experienced hyperpigmentation.

Lipolaser’s cold laser penetrates only a few millimetres beneath your skin, targeting the subcutaneous fat cells without risking damage to your organs. The laser perforates the adipocytes (or fat cells) temporarily to literally drain them, allowing some of the cells’ contents to drain into your lymphatic system in the form of triglycerides. The triglycerides are broken down, metabolized by the body, and eliminated in part through the urinary tract.

During the procedure, about 500 calories worth of fat are released into your body from the specific areas treated. That’s step one. The next step is to flush those calories out of your system so as to avoid having them settle elsewhere on your body. That part, says Ron, is up to you.

By refraining from eating for two hours before and two hours after each treatment, you will naturally burn up some of these calories. Ron also suggests that you drink plenty of water on the day of your treatment, avoid carbohydrates, and be sure to do some cardiovascular exercise.

His mantra is: We shrink you down; you keep it that way. Luckily, Ron and his partner, Alicia Macleod, fill the time during your treatment with customized counselling on your diet and exercise habits. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals, and they have a solid knowledge base to help you do so. Customers who purchase four or more treatments at a time will also receive a free cleanse, which Ron says will help clean out your lymphatic system, making the treatment more effective.

Client Results

According to Ron Zarr, upwards of 95 percent of Nu Age Body Care’s clients are thrilled with their results. Most clients complete between four and ten sessions, and most lose about half an inch per session. The cost is about $160 per session when purchased in a package, and the clinic offers a $99 introductory session. Lipolaser can be used to target the belly and hips, thighs, male chest, upper arms – even a double chin!

The program is not designed to be a weight loss program; in fact, Ron and Alicia don’t weigh their clients or even ask about weight loss. However, many clients have reported that they found it easier to lose stubborn pounds while undergoing treatment – and while following Ron and Alicia’s diet and exercise guidelines, of course.

So is lipolaser the answer to shedding those unwanted inches? It certainly seems to help. And for many of us, it’s the kick-start we need to commit us to the diet and exercise programs we already know we need to follow.

Liberty Craig - Editor

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