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Defining a New You: The Art of Body Contouring
Written by Sarah Meanchoff   

art of body contouringMost of us could probably stand to spend a little more time at the gym. And sure, there’s likely a brownie or a cocktail somewhere in our weekly diet that shouldn’t be there. We could always do more, do better, be more persistent and more dedicated with our diet and exercise programs.

And if you spend too much time on the couch or those brownies become a twice-daily addiction, it is most certainly time to rethink your approach to your health. Consult a nutritionist to reset your food intake; pick up a cookbook featuring healthful meals intended for correct nutritional and caloric intake. Book a few sessions with a personal trainer to fast-track your way back to fit with an exercise routine that’s efficient and fun.

But what if, after all this, you’re still unhappy with the fatty deposits on your body?

First, take your perception of yourself with a grain of salt. Most women view themselves as fatter than they really are, and significantly heavier than the “ideal weight” or the weight that “men prefer” (David A. Gershaw, Ph.D). To attain a fair assessment of where your body is really at, try this: Find a room in your house with a high-quality (non-distorting) full-length mirror, and a light with a dimmer switch. Dim the lights and remove all of your clothing. Stand at a distance of at least three feet from the mirror, so you get a full view of your entire body in flattering lighting. Now, be gentle! Focus first on what you like about yourself. Then consider what you would like to change.

If you have had more than one pregnancy or gained and lost a significant amount of weight, you may have extra skin, hanging love handles, and fatty deposits on your hips that are very difficult to eradicate through diet and exercise alone. Belly, hip, and “saddle bag” fat can be the last thing to go for women, even if your arms and legs are fit and taught. The same can be true for belly, love handle, and “man boob” fatty deposits in men.

You could learn to live with these imperfections. You could do something drastic, like having a liposuction or tummy tuck surgery. But if neither of these options feel right for you, you may want to consider a gentle but highly effective alternative.

It’s called “lipolaser” and it’s the one of the newest non-invasive body contouring procedures available. With lipolaser there are no needles, no knives, no pain, and no recovery time. Yet it can help you shrink down unwanted bulk in specific areas of your body.

Lipolaser works by emitting a cold laser through paddles that are placed on the skin on the areas that require reduction. The laser targets the subcutaneous fat cells only millimetres beneath the skin; as such, there is no risk to the rest of your body. The adipocytes are temporarily perforated by the laser and some of the contents of each cell are released into the lymphatic system, where they can be flushed out naturally by the body and through proper diet and exercise following treatment.
In just a few sessions, you can see multiple inches of fat loss through lipolaser treatments. At the Nu Age Lipolaser clinic in Yaletown, the only clinic in Vancouver to offer this unique technology, clients see an average of one inch lost per session for each area targeted. With up to ten sessions per package, this could result in a good number of inches!

Find out more about the non-invasive, painless body sculpting experience at Nu Age Lipolaser; call 604-801-5476 or visit

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