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Do athletic toning shoes help?
Written by Graham Archer   

Q: I want to get in shape for 2011 and have heard there are new running shoes on the market that can make you rear end and legs look great.

Have you heard about these, and do they work?

A: It sounds like you are referring to “toning shoes” – a new athletic footwear design that claims to tone muscles and help you to get into shape while you go about your daily routine.

Although the curved shape and tipped-up toe design undoubtedly targets different muscles in your legs, toning shoes can be a part of a workout package but will not replace your exercise routines.

If you want to be more physically active in 2011, you’re on the right track. Investing in an athletic shoe that facilitates the sport or recreation you want to get involved in should be your first step. Making that footwear purchase can be confusing and the wrong shoe can really impact your enjoyment and motivation levels when it comes to exercise and activity. There are also many factors to consider like your foot shape, activity level, lifestyle, injuries and physical health history, and fitness goals. A fitting expert can help you find the most supportive shoe, and having that form-fitting comfort can be a major motivator to work for the results you want.

Graham Archer -

Graham Archer is Vice President of Pedorthic Services at Kintec and the President of the Pedorthic Association of Canada for 2010/2011. Graham joined Kintec in 2000 with a passion for helping people stay active on their feet. He holds a Bachelors of Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University and is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist with the College of Pedorthics of Canada.