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Ask the expert
Written by Dr Raj Attariwala   


I’m having dull pelvic pain with bloating and my doctor wants me to have an ultrasound. Wouldn’t an MRI be better? Rose Barker, Mission, BC


Because of the difficulty and waitlists involved in getting an MRI, most physicians typically order an ultrasound instead. For appropriate ultrasound imaging, your bladder needs to be full. If the ovaries and the uterus cannot be seen well due to fibroids or bowel gas, a repeat study or internal ultrasound may be required. An MRI is independent of the operator and gives better detail and resolution of the uterus and ovaries with the patient resting. An MRI typically provides more information and almost always sees the ovaries because it can see through fibroids and through bowel. MRI is the most thorough method to assess the pelvis. This is particularly important when the ovaries need to be viewed clearly.

Dr Raj Attariwala -

Dr. Raj Attariwala, MD, PhD, is a radiologist, nuclear medicine physician and biomedical engineer. He is the director of nuclear medicine services for BC’s Northern Health, and a director at AIM Medical Imaging.


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