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A Cool New Way to Sculpt Your Body
Written by Dr. Marcia Fleming   

New technologies in fat reduction are more effective than ever before.

photo of woman measuring waistAs a physician, I have long been interested in modalities for fat reduction. However, the efficacy of most technologies available to us over the past decade has been less than impressive. Clients see little to no improvement after multiple treatments; conversely, treatments may promote minor changes that are temporary at best.

Recently, however, a breakthrough in fat reduction treatments has arrived in the form of “cool sculpting.” The cool sculpting technology has been in development since 1999, with the well respected Dr. R. Rox Anderson at the helm of research and development. Dr. Anderson is the director of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and is a faculty member at the Harvard Medical School department of dermatology. His research and work in the field of photomedicine make him one of the leaders in his field, and I have followed and respected him for quite some time.

Fat loss without surgery has been attempted with a variety of methodologies, especially during the last two decades in North America, and for much longer in Europe. We know that cold treatment is preferential for fat reduction. Documentation exists showing that children lose fat in their cheeks after sucking popsicles consistently; likewise, women who ride horses in cold weather experience fat loss in the thighs. CoolSculpting is a patented, FDA-cleared technology that uses a precisely controlled cold laser treatment to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin. The fat cells crystallize during treatment and in the weeks and months following treatment, the crystallized cells are broken down by the body and eliminated naturally. Results, therefore, are not immediate: a patient begins to see fat reduction after approximately three weeks, and full results will be seen after two to four months.

The benefits of CoolSculpting include the absence of surgery, pain, downtime, or recovery time. The procedure is easy, relaxing and pain-free. But the real benefits are these: it works, and it works fast. A single CoolSculpting treatment will result in a reduction in fat depth by 20 to 25 percent in the area treated. Depending on the individual patient, one treatment is often enough. Each subsequent treatment is equally effective: a two-treatment protocol would result in the reduction of fat depth by 40 to 50 percent. These results are truly well beyond any other method we have seen to date.

While CoolSculpting is a new technology without a wide breadth of usage and documentation, there seem to be no untoward side effects in the approximately 100,000 patients treated to date. Many patients experience a numbness in the treated area for approximately two to three weeks following treatment. CoolSculpting is designed for people who follow a healthy diet and exercise plan and maintain a regulated weight, but have trouble with those stubborn fat deposits (love handles, back fat, thighs and hips) that are so difficult to get rid of. As with any aesthetic treatment, be sure to consult with a qualified doctor to decide what course of treatment is right for you.

Dr. Marcia Fleming -

Dr. Marcia Fleming is one of the most accomplished and respected physicians in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation and has been practicing in the Vancouver area for over nine years. Her goal is to help everyone achieve beautiful skin for life, beginning at any age. She can be reached at Delta Laser & Skin Care Centre, call 604-543-8965.