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Makeup Guide for Your Skin Tone
Written by Thuy Nguyen   

Find the right colours for your complexion.

multicoloured chunks of powdered makeupMakeup is an art form, a study in enhancing the natural beauty of a woman. It can be overwhelming trying to identify the right colours to use on your own skin, yet every woman has a certain shade suitable for her unique skin complexion and features. You may have heard a professional makeup artist mention that your skin complexion has an “undertone” of pink or yellow, for example. Determining your undertone allows you to pick the right shade of makeup (foundation, powder, blush, etc.) to match your skin.

Skin Tone




Pale white skin



White to brown skin



Moderate brown skin



Naturally dark brown or black skin


Not only does your skin tone help you decide what shade is suitable for your makeup, but the colour of your eyes can help you pick out the right eye shadows, eye liners or mascara. Below are some suggestions for colours you can use to help accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes.

Eye Colour

Suggested Colours


Neutral tones such as deep greens, browns or purples, pinks and rose colours.


Violet and plum shades will definitely bring out the green, also use shades of grey.


Shade of rich browns or even silvers, golds and greys.


Deep, earthy tones.

Once you’ve identified the right makeup colours for your skin tone and eye colour, your natural beauty will be accentuated and you will truly shine.

Thuy Nguyen -

Thuy Nguyen is a makeup artist for Pink Orchid Studio.