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Clothing Made From Technologically Advanced Yarns and Fibres
Written by Yvonne Hogenes   

Q: Are there actual health benefits to wearing clothing made from technologically advanced yarns and fibres?

A: Most certainly! Recent interest in technologically advanced yarns have brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "you are what you wear." When fibre filaments are infused with nano-particles, the garment takes on a health-promoting function for the wearer. For example, with FIRMA Energywear, the yarn contains active biocrystals that absorb infrared from the body and the environment, then re-emit it back to the body in the form of thermal energy. The body receives many health benefits from this, including increased circulation, reduced cellulite appearance, reduced joint pain and swelling, and improved muscle recovery during exercise. Many wearers experience a much calmer state of mind, more energy, and improved sleeping patterns due to the enhanced thermoregulation provided by these intelligent yarns.

Yvonne Hogenes -

Yvonne Hogenes is the creator of FIRMA Energywear products, designed to help women look amazing, feel great, and improve your shape and health by what you wear! "Like" us on Facebook to win a free pair of FIRMA High Waist Leggings. This is where "health meets fashion!"