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Colour Me Ageless: Chromotherapy
Written by Susanne Murphy   

Optimum health and vitality can be achieved through self-awareness and the balance of body, mind and soul. Recently, the holistic health movement has brought about a renewed interest in several ancient philosophies such as colour therapy, reflexology and acupuncture – all natural therapies to help one achieve a perfect triad of mental, physical and spiritual balance. Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is an underutilized form of balancing the body, mind and soul.

The Therapeutics of Colour

Colour therapy is a combination of two sciences: the utilization of light therapy and the stimulation of reflex zones. Together, these techniques support the body's internal mechanisms, amplifying the healing process on various levels. Research has shown that cells not only radiate colour, but can also receive colour. Using reflex zones and acupuncture points as a point of entry for colour, the body's mechanisms seem to respond to and develop with "colour energy." The German physicist, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, proved that the cells of all living beings emit "biophotons" (light quanta). This radiation represents a regulating energy field, which influences the total biochemical processes inside us. Colour therapy treatments actually give our cells energy!

Colour therapy treatments provide a holistic colour-balancing program for beauty and well-being, helping balance the metabolism of the cells and improve the energy supply of the body and spirit. The reflex zones on the hands and in the face are gently treated through a light pressured colour massage, so that the hardening and tensions in the corresponding areas dissolve. A reflex zone is similar to a tunnel. The internal body (the organs) mirror themselves on the skin’s surface outwards from these zones. Likewise, a healing stimulus from the external surface has an effect on the internal body. Through a precisely calculated irradiation of the energetic colour, the body cell can be optimally nourished with the right energy and vibration.

The Anti-aging Effects of Colour Therapy

The symbol of youth is an abundance of vitality, which expresses itself through flawless skin, mental freshness, zest for life and vibrant health. Most people would like to possess this desired youthfulness for as long as possible, but “life” reflects energy consumption. Aging means using energy as it is available, or using more than what is being produced. If the life energy of an organ degenerates, it disappears from the surface of the skin and departs to the inside of the organ to ensure a basic supply. The corresponding reflex zone in the skin retracts – and a wrinkle is born. Through regulated colour therapy treatments on the reflex zones, the inevitable aging process, which is basically a decreased supply of precious life energy, can be counteracted.

A quick anti-aging effect takes place through specific colour massage of the face reflex zones, resulting in a face that appears more relaxed, with a fresher, younger-looking complexion and a reduction in wrinkles. Since the psyche mirrors itself in the organs, by healing energy deficiencies in the organs, the soul will also be balanced. Through the radiation of the right therapy colours on the reflex zones or acupuncture points, the bioenergy of the cells and the meridians (energy paths) can be corrected. Subsequently, the physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well-being is restored. At the same time, a variety of skin conditions such as irregularity of colour (brown and red spots), poor skin texture, blemishes, skin damage due to sun exposure and other signs of aging can diminish.

You’ve no doubt known the uplifting effects of walking through a green park in the vibrant fresh air. Colour therapy is a more powerful, yet still natural way to help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced.

A Rainbow of Colours for Vibrant Health and Beauty

  • ORANGE: Activates lung and thyroid gland. Reduces cramping, strengthens the stomach, eases flatulence and stimulates the building of new tissues.
  • YELLOW: Strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the lymph and digestion. Exorcises worms and parasites. Used as an anti-depressant. Brightens the soul.
  • GREEN: Promotes the release of mucus and phlegm. Aids the respiratory system. Stimulates the brain and digestive system. An overall emotionally balancing colour.
  • TURQUOISE: Harmonizes all circulation processes and is good for the regeneration of skin (especially burns).
  • BLUE: Alleviates itching (recommended for neurodermititis). Helps to shrink tumours and get rid of goitre, warts and inflammations. Blue is calming and is known to lower body temperature (reducing fevers) and support the thyroid (assists with weight loss). Its coolness helps to reduce inflammation and alleviate infections.
  • MAGENTA: Strengthens the kidneys, circulation, reproductive organs and one's aura radiation. This colour frequency promotes a youthful appearance. Also harmonizes the emotions and promotes a feeling of selfless love.
  • RED: Activates vitality, metabolism and digestion. Increases heart strength and stimulates circulation. Supports the building of the blood. Encourages willpower.
Susanne Murphy -

Susanne Murphy is a colour therapist, author and educator. She is vice president of Colour Energy, the world leader in offering colour, chakra and aromatherapy products, services and education for more than 25 years.