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Expert Tips for Thinning Brows & Lashes
Written by Shannon Mann   

eyes with browsBrows and lashes are so important to frame the most beautiful and expressive feature of our faces: our eyes. By learning a few quick tricks, you too can master the perfect brow and lashes to frame your peepers. First, let’s start with a step-by-step demonstration on how to create the perfect brows.

Creating the Perfect Eyebrow

line drawing with shape of browFirst, you will need a brow filler powder. You can usually find these in a palette that includes a darker shade and a lighter shade. If you are a blonde or redhead, you will need colours that are a beige/light brown combo. If you are a brunette, you will need a palette with a light ash brown and dark bark-coloured brown. Our favourite brand is the “Anastasia” brow filler available at You will also need a flat-edge, short-bristle angle brush. Use the darker colour to fill in areas with less hair on the brow to create the illusion of fullness. Use the lighter colour to give your brow more shape where you already have hair on your brow but you would like more definition. You want to avoid creating very dark, heavy brows that are obviously drawn in. The purpose of the brow powder is to shade in the brows.

Your brow should start directly above your tear duct, which should also be thickest part of your eyebrow. Your brow should continue to narrow on an upward angle, and the highest point should reach directly above the edge of your iris. Many people wonder where the eyebrow should end. The question can be answered by holding a pen from the corner of your nose and aligning the pen along the outer corner of your eye. Follow the pen up your temple to find the point where your eyebrow should generally end. The illustration below will help you create the perfect brows to frame your face.

How to Have Long, Full Lashes

When finishing your makeup, nothing completes your look like long, beautiful lashes. There are a few ways to create the illusion of heavier, darker, fuller lashes. The quickest way to achieve this illusion is by “tightlining” your upper inner water line along your lashes with dark eye pencil after you have curled your lashes and applied mascara to them. This will make the upper lash line appear darker and close in any visible gaps between your lashes.

The next method is something we do with most of our clients: we use false lashes that are glued along the lash line in order to enhance a client’s eyes. First choose a lash that complements the eye shape and suits the occasion (i.e., lighter lashes for older clients; denser, longer lashes for bridal clients). Our favourite brand, Red Cherry lashes, makes light, flexible lashes from human hair. Always trim the lashes so they fit along the lash line. If they are too long, they will be irritating and peel up through the evening. Once the lashes are adhered with lash glue (Duo brand is our favourite, available at MAC Cosmetics) and the glue has dried completely, use a lash curler to curl your real lashes with the false lashes at the base of your lashes. Then coat the natural and false lashes together at the base of the lashes with black mascara. These lashes will last the evening!

Lastly for those of us looking for a more permanent answer to longer lashes, there is LATISSE, a prescription medication used on your lashes to grow longer, fuller, darker lashes. It promises to double your lash fullness in 16 weeks. A one-month supply costs about $100 to $120, so the 16-week course will set you back over $400. There are possible side effects from this medication, so do discuss this product with your doctor if you are interested!

Shannon Mann -

Shannon Mann is a partner and co-founder of Pink Orchid Studio in Vancouver, BC. Pink Orchid Studio specializes in hair, makeup, and stylist services for weddings, graduations, or any occasion where you need to stand out from the crowd. They have extensive experience with media, fashion, and bridal clientele in the Greater Vancouver Area. For more information please visit, or email them at


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