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Holiday Hair All Year Long
Written by Harley Spade   

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of beautiful, glamorous hair! We at Ignite Beauty Lounge created a few looks that you can easily do at home for stunning hair year round.


hairstyle soft twistSoft Twist Down Style

  1. Part hair where most comfortable
  2. Take two sections from one side of the part line and twist hair. Add more hair to the twist from the hair line towards the nape of your neck.
  3. Repeat step two with the other side of the part line.
  4. Connect the two pieces with a clear hair tie.
  5. Finish with hair spray to tame the fly-aways and party the night away!



offside curly hair style


Tussled Curls Offside-Style

  1. Tease hair slightly at roots for volume and hold.
  2. Part hair far to one side, showing your best profile.
  3. Pull all hair to the opposite side of part and tie behind the ear, leaving some hair loose and teased for volume.
  4. For best results have pre-curled or curly hair.
  5. Add an accessory to the opposite side of the pony to finish the look.


messy hair up hairstyleSultry Messy Party Up-Style

  1. Have pre-curled or curly hair.
  2. Part hair where most comfortable.
  3. Using a stronger hold hair spray, generously spray hair for hold.
  4. Tease roots near the crown and nape if hair is too silky.
  5. Scrunch hair in hand and pin to the roots of the crown and nape.
  6. Carry extra bobby pins with you for quick adjustments through the night of dancing!

All these styles are quick and simple to do! Feel free to add your own personal flair with accessories, different size curls, glitter hairspray, or whatever else you desire!

Credits: All photography by John Bellerose. Style #1 - by Larissa Shulgin, Senior Hairstylist at Ignite Beauty Lounge. Style #2 & All make-up by Bonnie Bentley, Senior Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist at Ignite Beauty Lounge Style #3 - by Harley Spade, Senior Hairstylist at Ignite Beauty Lounge

Harley Spade -

Harley Spade is a Senior Hairstylist at Ignite Beauty Lounge.