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Be Forever Young with the Advanced BBL Photo-Firming Treatment
Written by Amanda Beisel   

woman looking at camera with hands on neckAs children, our skin is bright and firm, with an even skin tone and a natural vibrancy. When we age, our skin begins to gradually lose these youthful, healthy features due to natural skin aging, environmental factors and of course the lifestyle we choose to live. As the skin ages and we start to see visible changes, we then begin our search for treatments and products to help bring back our youthful skin appearance. Often these solutions do not meet our expectations and after spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, we are left feeling hopeless. If only there was a treatment that could effectively brighten and firm the skin, and even skin tone, all while improving the health of the skin. Well now there is – and this new treatment not only meets all of the above requirements, but it has virtually no downtime, is very tolerable, and is affordable.

Introducing the BBL Photo-Firming Treatment

The BBL Photo-Firming Treatment is an advanced treatment that combines a BBL Photo Rejuvenation Treatment with a BBL Skin Tyte Treatment. Exciting new research has revealed that having as little as two BBL Photo-Firming Treatments a year can actually reverse the signs of aging, not only on the face but also the neck, chest, hands, arms and other body parts. All these areas are common body parts to develop redness, pigmentation damage, loss of elasticity and firmness, and dull-looking skin. The BBL Photo-Firming Treatment is the most advanced technique available to us today to non-invasively slow down, treat and reverse damage and aging of facial and non-facial skin.

“After just two BBL Photo-Firming Treatments for my face and neck my skin is so much brighter and tighter and I keep receiving so many compliments on my skin. I am so excited to have discovered this treatment!” - Evelyn N.

How Does It Work?

The light from the BBL Photo Rejuvenation treatment denatures damaged cells in the skin, stimulating our body’s natural healing process. By selecting the appropriate wavelength, we are able to treat a broad range of skin conditions caused by skin aging and sun exposure. This treatment stimulates the skin cells to generate new collagen, thickening your skin and giving you youthful, rejuvenated, healthy skin. This process helps restore the skin to its natural stage. The BBL Photo Rejuvenation treatment targets and eliminates many of the fine vessels that cause redness and the unwanted sunspots and pigmentation.

The BBL Photo-Firming Treatment is completed with a BBL Skin Tyte session, which uses infrared heat to stimulate and contract collagen, resulting in firmer skin. The targeted heating causes soft tissue coagulation that tightens tissue as it heals, stimulating collagen contraction and remodeling. This process initiates the body's natural healing process and a new foundation of collagen is created, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin. The full effect of skin firming can be seen over several subsequent months.

“My main skin concern was sun damage and loss of elasticity. I just finished my third session and my sun spots are almost completely gone and my skin has such a nice glow. My husband even noticed my skin looked firmer on my face and neck. “ - Rochelle D.

More Exciting Evidence

Evidence is beginning to show that aged skin cells begin to act more like younger skin cells after regular BBL Photo-Firming Treatments. These younger skin cells produce more collagen and elastin than aged skin cells (Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. unpublished study). A blind panel of physician evaluators determined BBL treated patients appeared nine years younger than their actual age. This is because clients who undergo regular BBL Photo-Firming Treatments can reduce and delay the long-term signs of skin aging, all while looking very natural.

“When I turned 30, I started to notice my skin wasn’t as vibrant as when I was in my 20s. I decided it was time to amp up my skincare program. After just one BBL Photo-Firming Treatment and a new daily skincare program, I am looking vibrant once again.” - Andrea W.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The BBL Photo-Firming Treatment benefits a multitude of skin concerns. Aside from addressing visible skin concerns, it can slow down the rate at which the skin ages and prevent visible signs of aging from appearing. It is a great preventative and corrective treatment option. Some of the skin concerns this treatment will target:

  • sun damage
  • loss of elasticity
  • sun spots/pigmentation
  • rosacea/flushing
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • crow’s feet
  • large pores
  • dull-looking skin

You Can’t Afford NOT to Have BBL Photo-Firming Treatments

There is no other treatment in existence today that can target as many skin concerns in one session as the BBL Photo-Firming Treatment. Having just two treatments a year can transform the look, health and function of your skin, slowing the rate at which you age. Investing in a series of BBL Photo-Firming Treatments can potentially save you thousands of dollars in your search to achieve and maintain youthful skin. Adopting a skin care program that includes BBL Photo-Firming treatments alongside an effective daily skincare program will bring real, visible, long-term results. Don’t waste your money on gimmicky products and treatments. Commit to clinically proven BBL Photo-Firming Treatments and your skin will be healthier, brighter, firmer and more youthful than ever before.

Amanda Beisel -

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. She is a registered acupuncturist specializing in Cosmetic acupuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration. To learn more about SKN Clinic and Skin Addix visit and


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