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Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   

Sensitive Peepers

It seems like so many people these days are battling sensitive skin, me included. Finding an eye serum that doesn't irritate my peepers has been an ongoing quest. Dermalogica's new Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum combats the signs of aging without the irritation. It has a light, gel-like texture that coats the eye area and absorbs quickly, making it a perfect partner to your makeup. For ultra-calming skincare, shop:


bottle of eye serum

Everlasting Blonde

As a former brunette, I've come over to the blonde side. Preserving my colour (whichever hue it may be) has been a challenge that I have dealt with for years. With John Frieda’s new "Sheer Blonde" Everlasting Blonde Color Preserving Shampoo with safflower oil and bergamot extract, my hair is left smelling like a fresh cut bouquet of flowers on a crisp, spring day. This line helped maintain my golden locks from the first day of colour, kept it from fading and left it manageably soft. Simply divine. Available for all shades of colour. Go to:

bottle of everlasting blonde

Just the Rules

Beauty really is more than skin deep. I truly believe what you put in your body is reflected in your skin. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been my main focus and New York Times best-selling author Tosca Reno has been both an inspiration and motivation in my life. Tosca's new book, Just the Rules, has become my food bible. It has simplified my life and put me on the right track to fit, healthy living. This incredible book teaches you to bring it back to the basics. There are no more excuses not to achieve your ultimate fitness goal with “The Eat-Clean Diet.” Tosca shows you 51 food laws that you can take and apply anywhere. Trust me, these rules you won't want to break. Grab yours today at:

cover of 'Just the Rules' book

Whipped Soufflé

For those of us who are not natural makeup artists, playing with eye shadows can be a little intimidating. I have been dreaming of a product that would be foolproof for some time. Lise Watier's innovative new Ombre Souffle Supreme in "Sunrise Peach" is the perfect combination of a cream, powder and foam all-in-one. I love how easily it applies with a brush or even just my fingertips, then smooths and dries to a perfect finished look. The best part is that you can touch up in seconds and say goodbye to smudges. Find your perfect match at:

jar of whipped souffle

A New Spin on Clean

How did I live without thee... I'm a big advocate for facial cleansing and exfoliating. I thought a good cleanser and facecloth did the job when tackling makeup and dirt until I discovered Clarisonic's Mia. This little device brings deep cleaning to a whole new level. I did a test by first washing my face like I normally do, then using the Mia, and saw how much more effectively it pulled the grime out of my pores. My skin was transformed and with continued use, I had a clearer, more glowing complexion. For this must have beauty tool, check out: Sephora or

Mia device

Crystal Jensen -

Vancouver beauty blogger Crystal Jensen offers “buzz” on her favourite picks and best beauty secrets! More info can be found on her website at


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Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411
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Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411
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