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Fountain of Youth
Written by Fresh Vancouver   


You’ve heard it all before: lots of promises with little results. It was that very same exasperation that led to a breakthrough in the treatment of cellulite. ButterCup was inspired by ancient cupping technology and redesigned with the modern woman in mind. Paired with a natural product line that is cruelty and fragrance free, and packed with highly active ingredients, you can finally show a little leg with a lot of confidence without compromise.


bottles of ButterCup

Essanté ORGANICS z3 Anti-Aging Trio

Hollywood stars use it to look 10 years younger in minutes and now you can too. A patented bio tri-peptide botanical stem cell concentrate, z3 is certified to be 100% toxic-free and scientifically proven to repair DNA, generate collagen and elastin production, and moisturize, firm, tighten and lift the skin. It eliminates wrinkles, under-eye bags, dark circles, acne and puffiness.  Results are dramatic, cumulative and permanent.

bottles of Essante Organics


Vidadish portion-control weight loss dishes are measured, labelled and
divided, so there's no chance you'll be tempted to squeeze in extra
calories with your meals. Just fill the compartments as directed by the
suggested meal plan - it's that easy. It's the perfect way to stay bikini
ready all summer. Plus, with matching cooler bags, cutlery and water
bottles, the whole system is a diet no brainer.

woman with her vidadish

Santevia Alkaline Water Systems

Did you know that the rate at which you age is impacted by how acidic your body is? Today’s diet creates more toxins in our bodies than we can naturally discard and this build-up of acid can lead to an increase in graying hair, wrinkles and sagging skin. Santevia filters, alkalizes and re-mineralizes tap water adding calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals. Balance the acidity in your body and restore your health with Santevia Alkaline Water Systems.

santevia water jug