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How to Reverse the Seven Sins of Summers Past
Written by Dr. Lydia Waterson   

woman's faceThe bulk of sun damage happens in the summer months. Not only does it result in an increased risk of skin cancers, it also causes premature aging of the skin. That beautiful sunlight is a major culprit for wrinkles, dryness, age spots and more. So what can we do once the damage is done? Driven by medical concerns, beauty, or both, today there are some sensible, easy treatments and therapies to reverse and prevent future damage.

1. Unwanted Pigmentation

Skincare products containing hydroquinone, kojic acid or alpha hydroxy acids can safely reduce excess pigmentation. Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells and reverse age-related damage to the skin. Or consider a series of chemical peels alternated with Photo Facial Skin Rejuvenation (IPL) treatments to smooth, even, and rejuvenate your complexion.

For long-term sun damage, consider dermal needling/rolling and PRP therapy for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. This treatment is less painful than fractional laser with no downtime, but is as effective, according to clinical trials. The combination helps to reverse sun damage while stimulating healthy, new collagen and elastin production in the skin. Be sure to speak to your medical aesthetician/dermatologist and have a thorough consultation done to assess the damage and find a corrective treatment plan that’s right for your skin.

2. Dry, Lacklustre Skin

The first course of action after exposure to sun, chlorine and salt water: exfoliate. The buildup of stratum corneum (the dead, outermost skin cell layer) makes skin appear blotchy and uneven, causing the skin to lose its lustre. Physical or chemical dermabrasion with gentle scrubs, alpha or poly hydroxy acid peels, and microdermabrasion can remove dead skin cells.

Then, hydrate. Moisturizers with AHA or facial serums with hyaluronic acid can plump up dry skin making it appear more radiant and less wrinkled instantly. Continued use may also help stimulate the production of new collagen. To find the best combination of products for exfoliation and hydration to get that dewy plump youthful glow back, discuss a plan with your esthetician.

Don’t forget to feed your skin. Studies suggest that nutrients can improve and protect your skin. Creams and serums that include vitamins C or E may protect and reverse sun damage. Products containing vitamins A or B3 may be able to correct the sun damage you already have.

3. Increased Wrinkles

Botulinum toxin type A can help you correct and soften these unwanted lines and is known to be one of the safest cosmetic procedures in the world when done by an experienced physician. Otherwise, dermal needling/rolling is the only rejuvenation treatment that incorporates penetration of essential cell nutrients, simultaneously stimulating the release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing for skin repair.

4. Flip-Flop Feet

Exposure to sun, chlorine and salt water can dry the skin on your feet too. Try a moisturizing foot cream. Cracked, rough heels and calluses from wearing flip flops can also play havoc with your feet. Consider a medical pedicure to get your feet silky soft and smooth again.

5. Weight Gain

Most tourists don’t return with only souvenirs and a tan, but also with at least 6-8 lbs in excess weight. Studies show that 86% of us put on weight during vacation. There are many ways to lose this weight. The HCG diet is a healthy diet known to cleanse and re-establish your metabolism. It guarantees 15 lbs of weight loss in just 21 days. Combine this with LPG (endermologie) and soon you can have your streamlined body back! The results of LPG Lipomassage are rapid, risk-free and painless. Research has proven that endermologie can increase fat burning, improve lymph drainage, firm and smooth skin, and reduce cellulite.

6. Puffiness and Bloating

Four out of five people say they drink more alcohol on holidays. Alcohol is a known cause of a puffy, bloated body. Flush these toxins by returning to a healthy, sensible diet, increasing your water intake and your level of activity. There are excellent treatments available today to aid and assist in this process. LPG and Heat Diathermy Wrap activate and improve circulation while detoxifying the lymphatic system.

7. No Me Time

Beautytek is a simple treatment that can cover it all when you’re pressed for time. Based on the ancient Chinese system for lymphatic drainage and cellular rejuvenation, this non-invasive treatment tones, firms, sculpts and lifts to leave you looking and feeling younger and firmer.

Dr. Lydia Waterson -

Internationally accredited since 1986, Dr. Lydia Waterson practices at The Coliseum MediSpa in West Vancouver, specializing in and providing popular treatments in aesthetic medicine.


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