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What are some tips to help relieve dry skin?
Written by Bob Mehr   

Q: What are some tips to help relieve dry skin, especially now that we are approaching fall and winter?

A: Taking omega-3 oil supplements daily or making sure you incorporate omega-3 rich foods into your diet every day is the first step. Our diets are low in healthy fats and fatty acid imbalance is very common. This leads to dry, itchy skin. Fatty acids are essential building blocks for your body, including your skin, hair, and nails. A person taking omega-3s can quickly tell a difference in their skin.

Other tips include:

  1. Apply moisturizer to the body while the skin is slightly moist after showering or bathing. Note that highly perfumed or fragranced moisturizers are drying to the skin.
  2. Hot showers dehydrate the skin. Use warm water in the shower or bath instead. Hot showers can also worsen rosacea-prone skin as well.
  3. Avoid the use of bar soaps which are drying to the skin. Healing botanical facial cleaners and moisturizing body washes should be used through the dry winter months.
  4. Limit foods and beverages that lead to water retention and dehydration, such as caffeine, alcohol, salty and processed foods.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids: two litres of water daily. This sounds like a lot of water; however, that is just four bottles every day.
  6. Look for ingredients in skincare such as hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant and holds water in the skin. It hydrates without making the skin oily. Facial serums commonly contain hyaluronic acid (many times listed as sodium hyaluronate on the label) but be sure to find a product that does not have less than 0.5% hyaluronic acid. Or, you can ask Pure Integrative Pharmacists to compound it for you. Pure Integrative Pharmacies also compound a special cream for eczema and dry skin which is all natural and very popular.
  7. Another ingredient that is highly emollient and moisturizing is shea butter. Shea butter can be used for the body or the face. Shea butter leaves skin feeling silky soft. Note that it should be reserved for dry skin because it is comedogenic, which means it can clog pores if used at too high of a level.


Bob Mehr -

Bob Mehr’s experience providing pharmacy services spans nearly twenty years. Bob presently owns and operates 16 pharmacies in Vancouver, Victoria, White Rock and Chilliwack under the name Pure Integrative Pharmacy. His focus and specialty is mainly on the area of pharmaceutical compounding (especially Bio-Identical Hormone therapy) and natural medicine. Bob is also the clinical pharmacist at Inspire Health Integrative Cancer Care where he consults with cancer patients. Bob Mehr is committed to maintaining relationships with various healthcare practitioners, which allows his pharmacies to remain accountable and progressive. Visit to learn more about Bob Mehr and his team.


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