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Fountain of Youth
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

1. The Juice Box

Based locally in Vancouver, The Juice Box has launched their line of small batch, cold-pressed and all-organic juices that are a simple way to reset your metabolism. Benefits include: better sleep; curbing sugar, carbohydrate and other stress-related cravings; achieving glowing, healthier skin; and losing water weight for a slimmer silhouette. All The Juice Box juices come packaged in eco-friendly glass bottles that are delivered right to your door. Order online at


glass bottles of different coloured juice

2. Boxx Cosmetics

Made and designed in Canada, Boxx Cosmetics is a line of high-quality and affordable cosmetics and accessories. Created for the modern beauty consumer, their compact, high-quality and beautiful storage and packaging concepts are both practical and innovative. Using a superior quality product, original storage design, cutting-edge skincare technology, and an environmentally-conscious approach, Boxx Cosmetics emphasizes a simple beauty routine.

box of cosmetic brushes

3. Skeyndor

As the number one skincare brand in Spain and rated in the top 15 cosmetic brands globally, Skeyndor is renowned for their research, development and innovation with Vitamin C. Their Power C+ products, containing Vitamin C with a high cellular absorption rate, are formulated to increase hydration, stimulate collagen production, increase the density of the dermis, and result in skin that is radiant and clear.

jar of Skeyndor with an orange in the background

4. Support Breast Cancer Research with Santevia

With breast cancer impacting thousands of people every day, more people are looking to integrate natural health remedies. By drinking just five glasses of alkaline water a day, you can decrease your risk of developing breast cancer by 79%*. For every pink Santevia Alkaline Energy Flask purchased before October 31, 50% of profits will go to breast cancer research. *Sourced from The Ultimate pH Solution by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM, ROHP, and international best-selling and 15-time book author.

santevia energy flask

5. BCBodyTalk

Reveal your true inner and outer radiance with BCBodyTalk's fall special: $360 for three private BodyTalk sessions and a seven-hour BodyTalk self-care class, plus a free gift! Package is valued at $1,800 and available until October 12, 2013. Christine Barrie is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and instructor and offers classes, group sessions and private family, couple or business classes near Granville Island. Visit to learn more and click on “Sweet Deal”.

BodyTalk logo