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What can I do to maintain a healthy radiant glow to my face? I don’t want to look “fake” or “done” like actors and celebrities that go overboard.
Written by Dr. Martin Braun   

We are all born with lovely skin and a glowing face. Unfortunately, most of us choose to do very little to maintain this face. Others go overboard and scare everyone else off by looking rather bizarre with their excessive procedures. You only have one face, and it will age at a rate determined by the amount of accumulated sun damage and your underlying genetics. Or you can choose to do something and give your skin a second chance! There are only four non-surgical categories that one can perform in order to age gracefully, appear refreshed and vibrant:

  1. Neuromodulators
  2. Fillers
  3. Light based therapy
  4. Effective topical skincare, including SPF

Neuromodulators are injectable products like Botox and Xeomin. When done properly, the result is natural with softer wrinkles, or perhaps none at all if one starts at an earlier age. My patients typically come in for a ten-minute appointment twice a year, and they look great! No one knows that they are doing anything unless they inform others! Volume loss is the hallmark of the facial aging process. Unless you are very obese, you will lose the fat under the skin that provides structural support to prevent sagging and the sunken look so prevalent in athletic people. Natural fillers simply restore the youthful contours that we lose with aging. Unfortunately, some people go overboard, and give the entire process a bad name. Again, it is a completely natural look when appropriately done.

Our skin also loses collagen, and we see red and brown spots from broken capillaries and sun damage. The end result is a yellow, sallow complexion that traps light. There are many laser therapies that can restore the natural glow and radiance of youth without any downtime. What is effective skincare? People have been brainwashed into thinking cleanser, toner, moisturizer is all they require for healthy skin. They have no idea what ingredients are in their skincare products. They need to learn about proper reflective SPF, retinol concentrations and anti-oxidants that actually work, and finally DNA repair enzymes, which will be the hot topic of 2014. You can actually repair cellular damage, and even reverse and prevent cancerous changes in the skin with topical DNA repair enzymes derived from plants. I use it everyday.

Dr. Martin Braun -

After receiving his M.D. from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 1984, Dr. Braun completed his core surgical training at Vancouver General Hospital. As a pioneer in laser medicine, Dr. Braun has the distinction of being the first doctor in Canada to perform laser hair removal over 13 years ago. He currently injects more Botox® than any other practitioner in Canada. Dr. Braun has devoted his practice exclusively to cosmetic rejuvenation procedures at his private medical clinic, the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre.


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