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Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   

Brush On Radiance

I like to stay sun safe and keep a beautiful glow all year round. That’s why I am always on the hunt for a great bronzer to add some sun-kissed color. The Body Shop’s “Brush On Radiance” is the perfect fix. Not only do these little beads give my skin a lustrous glow, they can also be used on the eyelids too. Pick up yours at


container of bronzer beads

Bye-Bye Under Eye

When looking for a concealer, there are two main factors that are most important: moisture and full coverage. IT Cosmetics’ “Bye Bye Under Eye” not only covers both, but also targets dark circles and anti-aging and is packed full of vitamins. What I love most about this concealer is that it brightens and strengthens the delicate skin under my eyes without any creasing. Grab this beauty fix at

tube of concealer

The Glow

They say beauty comes from within! DAVIDsTEA ‘The Glow” will have you radiating beauty inside and out. Not only does this tea contain key ingredients like rooibos, rose petals, rosehip, jasmine, oat straw and nettle leaf, it’s also caffeine-free! This little beauty elixir is perfect for sipping or steeping in a hot bath. Visit to scoop up some today.

pile of petals


Now you can cover yourself from head to toe with Karma. LUSH Cosmetics “Karma Kream” left my skin silky smooth with a calming scent of orange flower and patchouli. The mix of almond oil and cocoa butter was absorbed easily and moisturized my skin without a greasy feel. This is my go-to moisturizer morning and night. Stop by

creme jar

It’s Raining Men

What better way to ring in the New Year (single or taken) than indulging and lathering up with a scrumptious LUSH shower gel. “It’s Raining Men” is loaded with soothing honey and smells like hot toffee-fudge. It’s like having dessert in your shower. I warn you, you may get the urge to sing and not want to leave. Lather up at

bottle of shower gel

Crystal Jensen -

Vancouver beauty blogger Crystal Jensen offers “buzz” on her favourite picks and best beauty secrets! More info can be found on her website at


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Beauty Buzz 411Beauty Buzz 411
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