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Perfect Brows
Written by Heather White   

before and after browsBrows have the ability to communicate without words, beautify without makeup and beat the clock without a scalpel!

Eyebrows are a too often neglected area of many a woman’s beauty regimen. With eyebrows being hot news, it’s time we attended to those hairy beasts, or lack of hair in some cases, to take control of those assets and make the most of them. The eyebrow is the one element we can change to recalibrate that balance and proportion on the face.

Look at brows in magazines, and be realistic about what you could achieve. It’s always best to let your eyebrows grow for at least 4 to 6 weeks; put the tweezers away and cultivate those hairs. Then seek a professional brow artist, someone who really knows how to tame, tease and shape those brows to the max. I very often ask clients, “What do you like about your brows? And what don’t you like?” I get them to show me in the mirror, and then I advise on what we can do to achieve perfect brows.

You may have to cultivate them, and it’s sometimes necessary to come in every 4 weeks while you’re in growing mode to establish the right shape. It’s very tempting to start tweezing odd hairs, and that’s very often how people make mistakes and we have a brow homicide on our hands. Over the years, the most common problem is over-plucked brows. If you’re lucky and it’s a recent incident, we can recover by growing them back in, but if it was done a long time ago, we have to be realistic and the only option is semi-permanent. I know this terrifies a lot of you, but if it’s done properly with natural looking hair strokes, it can take years off you. Over the years, I have perfected the natural looking semi-permanent brow by utilizing as much of the natural hair as possible. This is the perfect treatment for those with hereditary scarce brows, over-pluckers, people who don’t like their brow shape, or those recovering from medical treatment that has caused hair loss and want to sport a new brow.

Eyebrows on the catwalks are strong and defined, and this is a look that will be carried on throughout winter. More people are asking for power brows – a darker, fuller, stronger, more defined look. It’s very fashionable for blondes to have darker brows now too. Look at London and LA.

Favourite celebrity brows are those of Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox – both of whom have full and defined brows. Remember; brows are the focal point of your face and, therefore, should always be perfectly preened to accentuate your features. That’s why, with the power brow being a hot fashion accessory, I’m a huge fan of tinting brows for fuller-looking, defined shaping that can take years off you. Colours can be mixed so it’s possible to create a softer colour, but tinting lasts for up to 4 weeks as the hair on the brows is very different from the hair on your head.

BROW ALERT! Please do not get your hairdressers to put hair dye on your brows. It’s too high a concentration of peroxide on your delicate face for one thing, and I’ve seen some very strange colours from people doing this. Also, peroxide irritates the skin.

People always ask me the best method for removing hairs: waxing, threading, or tweezing? I prefer to use different removal methods for different types of hairs. Do not exfoliate the skin or use products containing retinol, AHA’s or fruit acids around your eyebrows for at least a week before and after treatment so as not to thin the skin and make it more sensitive to waxing. If you have taken Roacutaine or any other skin thinning medication in the past, you must wait at least 6 months before having waxing on the eyebrows.

Waxing is great for high precision shaping. We use only a tiny amount, it does not pull the skin any more than threading or sugaring if it’s done properly, and the technician should always support the skin. I like threading for vellus hair, the peach fuzz, and tweezing to remove any hairs that have been left behind or may be too short for waxing. This is high precision brow shaping.

Make the most of your twin peaks, cultivate, and seek professional advice and you too can have celebrity brows.

Heather White -

Heather White is the CEO of 2020 Communications Inc. She is a business development advisor who helps clients strike the sweet spot between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability. A sought-after speaker and trainer, Heather travels throughout North America injecting vital energy into companies with a vigorous drive for expansion.


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