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Why are my eyebrows thinning?
Written by Dr. Spence Pentland   

It is so nice to have discovered that the cause of all your woes was something called hypothyroidism, a very treatable condition that millions of other North Americans live with.  After a couple months of treatment you are feeling much better, have energy, and have lost 13 pounds!

Rewind.  You are having trouble with your weight, low energy, cold, hair thinning (scalp and eyebrows), depressed, so you go to your doctor and are sent for routine blood work. The basic test for your thyroid, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) comes back out of range, you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone.

A few months pass and upon reflection you find yourself living day to day quite melancholy, all the weight you lost is back and then some, you feel cold, and you look in the mirror and your eyebrows seem to be disappearing, again. Your doctor increases your dosage of thyroid medication and almost immediately your are feeling more energy, but also have heart palpitations, night sweats, and anxiety. Stresses in life haven’t changed, so what is happening? Your doctor says not to worry and in a short time these symptoms fade and you start to feel quite well again.

Years pass and the above scenario repeats itself again and again. You find yourself on an ever-increasing dose of thyroid medications. The only problem is, you no longer feel well, and the weight gain has become unmanageable despite medications, dietary changes, and vigorous exercise. To top it off, you have been considering starting your family soon and you learn that it is essential for a healthy conception and prevention of miscarriage to have your thyroid in balance.

It is time to talk to your doctor about getting checked for a thyroid autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s. Some authorities estimate that 90% of hypothyroid cases in North America may be due to Hashimoto's. In these cases, the patient should be treating their immune system, not simply feeding the body synthetic thyroid hormone, which, over time, can actually contribute to the destruction of the thyroid tissue.

General recommendations for the management of Hashimoto’s:

  • Begin with both liver and digestive health for proper function of the thyroid and its effect on our body.
  • Eliminate Gluten and Casein (a protein in dairy) as they can flare the immune system in those sensitive.
  • Take a quality probiotic, vitamin D, and fish oils.
  • Diligently integrate effective stress management strategies into your life.

By taking these steps you will find better overall health and well-being, and thicker eyebrows!

Dr. Spence Pentland -

Dr. Spence Pentland is a board licensed Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and certified Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Since 2004 he has focused exclusively on the treatment of reproductive disorders in both men and women. To book an appointment call 604.742.8383. For more info visit


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