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Find Your Glow — Inside and Out
Written by Margaret Jetelina   

Mandi Sellers started Glow Women’s Society to do just that!

woman lying in field of long grassIt was a typical day for Mandi Sellers almost three years ago: she woke up, drove to her office in downtown Vancouver, had a busy day of meetings, came home to have dinner with her family, caught up on some email, and watched a little TV before going to bed. “I was happy and seemed to have it all, but I felt something was missing,” says Sellers.

That night she had a dream that changed things for her. In the dream, Sellers had this feeling of confidence and radiance, something she realized she lacked in real life.

“After that dream, I realized I needed to give myself some credit. It had taken me a lot of struggle and hardship to get to where I was, so why wasn’t I fulfilled?”

When she told some of her friends how she was feeling, they were stunned. After all, Sellers seemed to have the proverbial “all.” She was president and CEO of her own company, Com-Tech Solutions, was happily married and had two beautiful daughters, and her exotic good looks didn’t hurt. But none of that success or beauty completely eliminated her lack of confidence.

photo of Mandi SellersSo, after waking up from that dream, Sellers realized she wanted to do something to inspire herself and other women who didn’t feel quite good enough, inside and out. She had the idea to throw together a women’s conference, which would motivate confidence in women and inspire them to grow and celebrate themselves, for their inner and outer beauty.

The first event, called Glow: A Women’s Evening of Change and Celebration, came together quickly, with the help of some friends and volunteers. Held in Coquitlam, it featured inspiring speakers on topics such as wellbeing, health and finding happiness, a tradeshow of exhibitors, a free makeover with designer clothes, plus food, drinks and dancing. More than 200 women, dressed to impress, were in attendance. Funds raised were donated to local women’s charities.

After three such successful galas, Sellers wanted to do even more, so she, along with help from a group of women volunteers, recently formed a non-profit organization called Glow Women’s Society. The focus of the society is to create proactive and local programs to inspire confidence in women and girls.

“While there is a lot of talk about female empowerment today, there is, in fact, a void of proactive and community-based programs that focus on inspiring real confidence in women and girls,” according to Sellers. “We want to work locally at the community level to empower and engage women and girls to develop a strong sense of self-worth and the confidence to achieve their full potential.

“Our proactive, instead of reactive, programming helps them make an emotional shift through reflection and recognition, and this empowers action. They are then able to become not only leaders in their lives, but also leaders in their communities.”

“We have lots of things going on and big plans for the future. In addition to the big gala, we’re running monthly women’s events called Glow & Learns, and are now in development with a program called Glow Girl, geared to the next generation of women,” says Sellers.

The concept for the original event is still a centerpiece of the society’s programs, but now it raises funds to support the development of the Glow Girl program. The next Glow: A Women’s Evening of Change and Celebration will be held on Friday, May 23, 2014, at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam (tickets are available at

Sellers adds, “It’s all about finding that glow — both inside and out.”