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Retin A: Anti-Aging’s Gold Standard
Written by Dawne Koke   

woman's face close upWith a plethora of skincare products out there, it can be difficult to determine which products, if any, live up to their claims. Companies seem to come up with new anti-aging claims almost daily. With so much information and choice out there, the question still remains: What is the best anti-aging product, or is there one?

Considered the gold standard among dermatologists, Retin A is definitely one ingredient I recommend incorporating into your beauty regimen. If you haven't started using this powerhouse product yet, read on to discover why you should.

Q- "What is Retin A and how does it work?"

A- Tretinion is a derivative of vitamin A that is more commonly known by the brand name Retin A. It works by diving below the epidermis to help stimulate elastin and collagen production while targeting fine lines and pigmentation issues. Using Retin A is not an instant gratification product; it takes time. Consistent use will reward you with smooth firmer skin for years to come.

Q- "Will it help my acne?"

A- Yes. Retin A works by speeding up the rate that cells turn over, so all those sticky dead cells won't clog up your pores. Some may experience a short period of time where their acne seems worse, but be patient; this is natural. Around the 6 week period, any flare ups should be resolved revealing fresh new skin.

Q- "Should I stop using it if I get irritated?"

A- Absolutely not. This is a strong ingredient that should be used slowly to allow skin to acclimate. Flakiness and redness should subside as your skin becomes used to it. If the prescription kind is simply too strong for you, look for less irritating formulas with lower percentages found at your local drug store.

Dawne Koke -

Makeup artist and stylist Dawne Koke can be found monthly on Global BC's Monday Morning Makeover sharing beauty and fashion insider tips and tricks. A self-proclaimed beauty zealot, you can read all her advice and product reviews at