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Raw Talks: Erin Cebula
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

Age: 38       Instagram Handle: celebula         Twitter Handle: celebula
Occupation: Entertainment Tonight Canada Reporter/Producer,
BC Children’s Hospital Lottery Spokesperson & Social Media Maven at Blu Realty

Erin CebulaRAW Talk: Fill in the blanks

I love my: arms

The best thing about being [38] is: That I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Beauty is: Equal parts confidence and kindness!

My body: Is svelte, but still cuddly.

Most of my Facebook friends don’t know: I am a tomboy at heart.

If appearance didn’t matter: I don’t think my life would be any different.

I feel happiest when: Beach combing with my little family comprised of 1 husband named Shawn & 1 dog named Lenny.

I wish: That my Nana could live forever.

I’m proud of my: Relationships and my ability to maintain them.

I’m working on: Expanding my horizons! (always)

One change I’d like to see in the world is: A focus on easy, everyday kindness. Thank-yous, and smiles make everyone’s day better.

If I could go back in time and give my 9-year old self a piece of advice it would be: Keep up your dancing, singing and air-banding – it’s all going to help you in the long run!

If I had a daughter I would want her to feel: 100% support.

I feel most confident when: I’m truly connecting with someone.

I wish our government would stop: Using tax payers money to make commercials about pipelines.

The nicest thing someone can say to me is: You make me happy.

Getting RAW was: Exhilarating!

My message to other women out there: Never ever stop playing.

RAW Beauty Talks is an organization dedicated to facilitating a shift from beauty imprisonment to beauty empowerment so that women everywhere can live with a deeper sense of confidence, self-love and acceptance. RAW has interviewed and photographed women of all ages across North America facilitating game-changing conversations about beauty and developing positive media content. It has been featured in publications including Marie Claire, The Huffington Post and Smart Girl Magazine.
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Photo Credit: Chris Thorn Photography
NOTE: Image does not contain make-up, photoshop or filters.