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Getting Over Summer: Repairing Sun Damage
Written by Amanda Beisel   

woman's face getting a facialSummer is a carefree season spent outdoors soaking up the sun. This daily sun exposure, combined with sweat, ocean salt, wind, and pollution, inevitably leaves our skin with more damage year after year. While our largest organ is protecting us all summer long, we often forget to return the favour and give it the support it needs once fall rolls around.

The extent of the damage depends on how well you protect your skin during the summer season, as well as how effectively you take care of your skin post-summer. Incorporating a post-summer skin restoration plan into your skincare regimen can help your skin while reducing and actually preventing the visible signs of sun damage from appearing on your face and body.

Sun damage is more than skin deep. An unnerving fact is that UVA and UVB radiation not only depletes our collagen, but it also actually alters the DNA of our skin cells. This breakdown results in uneven pigmentation, changes in skin texture, loss of elasticity and can even lead to cancer.

The effects of UV exposure are cumulative, becoming increasingly visible as we age. The more exposure we have, the greater our risk becomes for developing skin cancer and prematurely aged skin. Starting your skin restoration program in the fall months is a great way to get your skin back to a healthy state. Your skin plan should be customized to your particular needs and will work to reverse the visible signs while helping to prevent new damage from forming.

Skin Restoration Solutions

1. BBL Forever Young Photo-Facial

The BBL Forever Young Photo-Facial is the most advanced photo-facial method available today. The treatment targets hyper-pigmentation, broken capillaries, and diffused redness in the skin – all while stimulating collagen. This treatment has been proven to actually reverse the signs of aging that occur from the sun both on the face and body. BBL Forever Young clients have seen great results on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and other body parts. All these body parts are commonly known to develop redness, pigmentation damage, loss of elasticity, and even skin cancers.

“Evidence is beginning to show that aged skin cells begin to act more closely like younger skin cells after regular BBL Photo-Firming Treatments. Younger skin cells also produce more collagen and elastin than aged skin cells.” (Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. unpublished study).

“My main skin concern was sun damage and loss of elasticity. I just finished my third session and my sun spots are almost completely gone and my skin has such a nice glow. My husband even noticed my skin looked more firm.” Rochelle D.

2. Micro-Needling with Dermapen

Dermapen Micro-Needling is a safe and effective alternative to Fraxel Laser. This procedure uses a pen with microscopic needles between 1-2 mm. As the needles are glided over the skin, tiny punctures are created within the epidermis and dermis that encourage the skin’s own natural healing response. This process stimulates new collagen formation, improves skin tone and texture and helps restore years of sun damage. Dermapen Micro-Needling leads to more plump, resilient and healthier skin at the cellular level.

3. Chemical Peel Series

Chemical peels are a dynamic method of rejuvenating the damaged top layers of skin. A customized peel will address a number of concerns, such as uneven pigmentation, irregular texture and fine lines, while increasing the overall radiance and vibrancy of your skin. While the variety of peels to choose from can seem overwhelming, an experienced skincare practitioner can assist you in customizing a plan that will target your specific needs. Chemical peels continue to evolve and are more diverse and effective than ever before.

4. Daily Skin Restoration Program

The products you put on your skin every day can make or break the progress of your skin restoration plan, not to mention the rate at which your skin ages. There is no such thing as a magic serum, regardless of what those extravagant marketing campaigns may say. There are, however, results-driven and clinically proven ingredients available such as retinaldehyde, L-ascorbic acid, copper peptides, growth factors, phloretin and more. Remember, formulation is key when it comes to the effectiveness of such ingredients. When investing in products, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable skincare practitioner who can guide you to the most effective formulas, inform you on how they work and answer your questions thoroughly.


Maintaining and improving your skin’s health is one of the most beneficial investments you can make. People often believe that skincare is an indulgence and is based on vanity. However, I encourage my clients to view skin treatments and home care in the same way they would view dental care. It truly is a health necessity which requires professional guidance and analysis. The care and upkeep of our skin is an essential pillar of your overall health and longevity. Get started on your skin restoration plan now and reap the benefits of an improved condition and beautiful skin.

Amanda Beisel -

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. She is a registered acupuncturist specializing in Cosmetic acupuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration. To learn more about SKN Clinic and Skin Addix visit and


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