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Your Guide to Winter Hair Care
Written by Curtis Hunter   

woman wearing a knitted toqueEvery year when the weather changes and the winter is upon us, we winterize our lives. We bundle up and winterize our homes and cars, but there is something that we often forget to do! We need to winterize our hair. I have decided to make things simple for you by putting together my professional tips and quick fixes to help your hair look it’s best all winter.


After a long hot summer, our hair is bound to be thirsty. Thirsty hair also creates the dreaded static effect. To avoid this, make sure to double up on the moisture by adding a deep conditioner to your routine. This is also the time to invest in a lightweight wearable oil that can add shine, and stop those flyaways in their tracks. One of my personal favourites is Bumble and Bumble's Invisible oil.

Style time

Another simple tip is to take advantage of your hat and scarf collections. Using a hat is a great way to protect your hair from the wind, rain, and occasional snowfall. You can also get creative with hair wraps or scarves to protect your hair from the elements. Not into hats? Then try embracing some simple styles like a chic chignon at the nape of your neck or adding a fishtail braid to keep your ends together and hidden from the elements. This will also give your hair a break from hot tools like your blow dryer and flat iron.

Leave it to the pros

Getting a good trim is the best way to keep your ends in order. Simply ask your stylist to dust off at least a quarter of an inch from your ends every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your ends fresh, and stop you from picking up the scissors and taking matters into your own hands! Also ask your stylist what he/she recommends for your hair in order to keep it at it’s best. Often times a glossing treatment or a demi-permanent hair colouring can do wonders for dry or brittle hair. It adds a high gloss shine with little commitment, and it is sure to keep your hair glowing throughout the coldest of winter days.

Winter vacation

One last tip... for those of you who are lucky enough to spend the winter on a tropical vacation, remember to shield your hair from the elements. UV protection, extra moisture, and head wraps are all useful on a sun spot winter getaway!

Hopefully these pointers will help you love your hair during the holidays. With a little TLC you should have no problem embracing the cold winter weather and showing off your gorgeous healthy hair!

Curtis Hunter -

Curtis Hunter is a senior stylist at Moods Hair Salon in Yaletown. With 15 years of experience in the hairstyling industry, he has created a devoted and loyal following of clients and fans. When he isn’t behind the chair working with clients, Curtis is actively pursuing his other passions, which include hairstyling for magazines and photo shoots. For online bookings or to read Curtis’ reviews, visit


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