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Let Go!
Written by Shauna Ireland   

woman smilingChanges are shaking us down to our foundations lately. It is almost like there is a deeper reality waiting to be discovered. Can you feel it? We are truly at the height of opportunity to wake up and grow. Relationships, friendships, situations that no longer served me just fell away in 2015.

Redirection is a reminder to simply surrender and let go of control. I know… easier said than done, right? We are guided to release and be free and open to the possibility of pure consciousness, perfect balance, simplicity, bliss and wholeness, all of which are our birthright. The constant breaking down and building up highlighted the things that I needed to let go of in order to move forward and live my life with soul, desire and more ease. How do you do this?

Get Grounded

Disconnect from the city and other distractions like computers, iPhones and Facebook. Ground back to your roots in the earth and what surrounds you. Take off your shoes. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Out of nature, your health, vitality, creativity and inspiration will return. The sand, rocks, grass, or snow remind you of the unpredictability of nature and life. It is a cycle. Trust it. Go with it. Feel it. Breathe deeply, fill the body with fresh vital oxygen and feel the stress melt away. Believe it.

Shout it Out

Have you ever just wanted to SCREAM like you did when you were 3 years old? Hali Love, a wellness coach, urges people to express their unexpressed anger. Shout at the top of your lungs on a hilltop or in a pillow; try yelling under water in the ocean or in your bathtub. A primal way to release. Let go of anger, frustration and tension! Believe it or not, temper tantrums did serve their purpose in our younger years. Express yourself! Free yourself.

Write it Down and Burn it Up

Tracy Clark, a guide in creating miracles and removing limitations, emphasizes the importance of this simple, effective daily exercise. List all of the things that bother you throughout the day, and then get rid of the paper and release those thoughts, emotions and memories. Rip it up or set it on fire! The writing of information down daily does not allow the body to hold onto the energy for a long time. Good-bye to the old and hello to the new!

Cut the Cord

Have you ever tried to let go of someone but feel the energetic connection to them? You know this relationship no longer serves you. It is time to let go. Shayne Bennett, an energy coach, suggests to imagine holding a balloon with the person inside. Let go of the string attached to the balloon and watch it drift away filled with love and forgiveness. The symbolic meaning of releasing the string releases the energetic attachment. The healing power of visualization. The transformative power of forgiveness.

Forced Breathing

Jana Webb, the founder of Joga, teaches forced breathing exercises. The first time I tried this, I wanted to throw up! That means it is working! It’s about detoxification at the cellular level – allowing not only the internal organs to rid of toxic waste, but subsequently ridding the body of emotions we tend to hold in those areas of the body. The inhale is a prep at the beginning- then 30 forced exhales snapping the belly button back. At the finish point, inhale new and replace the old.

Let go and let it flow by trying one or all of these exercises. You may feel lighter or be softer; your body may change; you may create new opportunities; you may find new love and attract all of your deepest desires.

Shauna Ireland -

Shauna Ireland is a communications and creative concept specialist, yoga instructor, wanderlust traveler, entrepreneur, designer, and health and wellness PR hippy who embraces a higher conscious lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing soul, love and spirit in business across the globe. Align and Shine is her mantra. Connect with Shauna at @alignandshine and