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Create a Compelling Power Introduction in under 5 Minutes
Written by Jennifer Henczel   

Have you ever attended a networking event, mixer, or meetup, and it’s time to deliver an elevator speech, but you're stuck with what to say or how to say it?  You see others delivering a professional, polished ‘elevator pitch,’ and you wonder how they do it. At Connect Now, each business owner gets an opportunity to deliver a 30-second presentation of their business, and we call it our Connect Now Power Intro.

When strategically composed, you can make your 30 seconds very effective, and most importantly, you'll expand your reach and attract your ideal client. First impressions do matter, so here are some tips for crafting your Power Intro.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you know the needs, wants, and desires of those listening to your Power Intro. Survey your audience ahead of time to see what they need, and what kind of product or program they want from you to make their life and business better. Identify your ideal client, and imagine you are talking directly to that person.

Be Clear & Concise

I’ve seen some people deliver a more compelling presentation in 30 seconds, than others who go on and on for 3 minutes and monopolize everyone's time. We've all seen that happen. So, save yourself time, attract more people to your business, and get more results with a well-crafted intro.  You'll actually get better results saying less and being precise. Less is more.

Stick to One Thing

Stick to one thing in your presentation; do not mention two businesses or your message won't stand out.  It's not about telling everything about your business, it's about compelling people to connect with you further, and developing long-term business relationships.  You may have several things that you offer and do, but when you deliver one distinctive element of what you do, with power and confidence, you will differentiate yourself and successfully express your true value.

Focus on Results

The results section of your statement is the most important. Your purpose and passion are revealed in the results you produce for others. Express the impactful outcomes your clients experience. Believe it or not, your presentation is not about you, your product, or program, it should be about the customers and their most urgent needs, how you will solve their problems, and improve their lives.

Tell a Story

If you can express your concise, focused, results in the form of a story, then you will be the most memorable person in the room. Stories make people feel your message, not just understand it. Stories reach people’s emotions, not just their intellect. Storytelling produces trust, credibility, and establishes you as an expert. It doesn’t have to be a long story - remember you only have 30 seconds - but when you make it compelling, it will be long lasting in the minds of your audience. If people feel your message they will care and listen, and when they care and listen they will act.

Call to action

Tell people what to do next with a strong call to action, for example, how to contact you, where to connect with you online, how to download a complimentary copy of your book, or how they can learn more. Be creative. Make it easy for people to connect with you. Don’t create unnecessary barriers. Put up a landing page just for this purpose to make the process as simple as possible for your visitors and potential clients. Be sure to offer your audience an opt-in gift that they want, when they want it. It all starts and ends with your audience.

Create it now

Below is a quick and simple exercise to help you clarify your presentation and get started with composing your Power Intro.  It's a proven format and structure that works towards getting better results and building deeper connections. Here’s how it works:

Your Power Intro

I help (who) _____________________________________, to (what do you help them to do) ____________________________, so they can (what is the result) ______________________________. Your call to action (What do you want people to do next? Visit your website or landing page, register for your event, follow you on social media, ask more questions.) ___________________________________.

Jennifer Henczel -

Jennifer Henczel is an award-winning leader, author, and speaker. Jennifer has a strong passion for connecting with people, and connecting people with others. Jennifer Henczel founded the Connect Now Network, Connect Now Academy, Inspired Influencer Speaker Series, and the Client Attraction Code. To connect with Jennifer, please visit


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