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Written by Roop Dosanjh   

A Conversation with Nisha Kharé

photo of NishaNisha Kharé, with her husband Sharad, are Kharé Communications, a platform through which they interview and facilitate dialogue between a long list of truly influential people. People like, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and Meryl Streep, just to name a few. People who have contributed positively to the betterment of humanity and the world at large. Nisha strongly believes in working with good people who have done good things in the world. Fresh Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Nisha, who recently spoke at the UN for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, to discuss love, life and the strength of powerful partnerships.


Our children are our everything, our greatest achievement. They are our legacy. We should do good because in turn, they will continue our work by doing things that go beyond our imaginations and leave their own mark on the world—helping people and changing things. Another achievement I am particularly proud of was speaking at the UN. It blew my mind because of the caliber of people that we were with. These are women doing the most inspiring things in the world, and I was on the same stage as them. I am so thankful to have shared in that moment with them. And, the fact that my husband and I were there doing it together was amazing.


Nisha and SharadSharad and I adore each other. We are interested in each other. We love spending time together. We have different skills, so when we collaborate it creates something really beautiful. What it really comes down to is that we really want to see each other be successful, because his success is mine, and mine is his. The reason we’re creating a business together is because it’s good for the family. It has been a successful equation, although at times it hasn’t been easy!


Challenges add to people’s depth. They have the power to make us more empathetic, yet more guarded; more vulnerable, yet more resilient. There are a lot of things that I have gone through, and sometimes it takes a toll and I have to remind myself to put myself first in order to fill up so that I can support and be present for other people. At home, my husband and I have to be mindful to continue to communicate with each other and keep our dialogue going. Because if we stay open and honest and respectful in our partnership, I think we can achieve anything. Whatever challenges have been thrown at us, we have made it through because we have each other.


Helping and supporting people motivates me. If I can help someone in some way that leads to them being happier, then that is a worthwhile achievement, that is success. That is what powerful partnerships are about; elevating each other, which in turn radiates outwards resulting in the elevation of everyone. We’re in this world together. Let’s make it a good place. Let’s make it a great place! It takes work, because we’re humans and we’re not perfect. But we have to try!


I will be documenting powerful partners and what makes them successful. Let’s learn from these powerful partnerships. I want to learn from them. I will start by documenting locally and then internationally. I’m excited about the potential for illuminating and learning from people that are already out there living powerful partnerships. Our future is documenting the most inspirational people in the world, sharing their stories and helping them shine in their authenticity to elevate our world!

To learn more about Nisha, Kharé Communications and the inspirational work they do, check them out on Facebook or visit

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