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For the Love of Beauty and Fashion
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

woman smiling and looking to the sideKeri Lynne—also known as @klynne_love—has gained a loyal following on Instagram by Instablogging (Instagram blogging). She keeps things fresh and fun by posting pictures of her style, beauty, hair, and daily extravaganzas as a mommy of two. She is excited to announce the official launch of her blog and partnership with Fresh Magazine! Every week, Keri will be posting how-to hair videos for Fresh Magazine and will share her favourite fashion and beauty finds through her blog.

Keri discovered her love of fashion and beauty at a young age. With an appreciation for style, she has created a look of her own, while never forgetting her northern Canadian roots. She is able to connect and communicate with other women in a positive, uplifting way. With over 15 years working in fashion and beauty, she is confident in sharing all her favourite finds!

This small town girl graduated with a BA and a double minor in English and Women Studies from UNBC, and then moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her career in fashion marketing and buying. She travelled all over North America while working in fashion and even lived in Chicago for half a year. Thanks to the power of social media, she has been able to merge her passion and entrepreneurial spirit with her love of being a wife and mother, while living a West Coast lifestyle.

You can expect to make women feel safe and confident while also having fun!

“I want to inspire other women to create goals, believe in themselves, and to follow their dreams. I also have a section that is real and raw—all about mommy stuff! I write and post to women, for women. Just because we are busy in our day-to-day lives, does not mean we should forget who we are and what we love. Know I am here to uplift, to motivate, and to let you in on all my beauty and style secrets.”

Keri believes that through a common love for fashion and beauty, women can support and uplift one another. Stay tuned for Fresh and Keri’s “Monday Hair Videos,” which will feature fun and quick ways to do your hair. Plus, be sure to check out and follow her on Instagram @klynne_love for daily inspiration.