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Something Old, Something New, A Perfect Smile From Me to You
Written by Dr. Kelvin Mah   

bride and groom smiling at each otherPicture it—it’s your big day. The day you’ve spent endless days and nights planning. It’s a gathering of everyone important in your life, in celebration of love and harmony. As you lock eyes with your spouse-to-be on your wedding day, they, and all your guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off your dazzling smile.

That’s the moment that I love the most at weddings. That moment when you can see that the bride-to-be or groom-to-be is feeling more content and confident than ever. In that very moment, and throughout your entire wedding day, you deserve to feel proud and free to smile, laugh, most likely cry and smile some more.

As a dentist, I’m so cognizant of patient’s self-perception because I believe a smile radiates from within. With all the various treatments and tools I may have utilized to achieve that beautiful smile, I never forget that my most important criteria for assessing the success of a makeover is how my patient feels when they see their new smile. If patients feel great about themselves and their smile, they will smile freely and confidently.

I often ask my patients; “how do you want to feel when you look at your wedding photos?” and “how do you want to feel on your wedding day?” When you look back on the photos of this special time in your life, you’ll want to see a smile that expresses all of the joy and excitement that you’re feeling! I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to help brides and grooms achieve the smile of their dreams before they walk down the aisle. I’m humbled because I know these moments will last a lifetime in the memory of the happy couple and their friends and family. But I want my patients to feel great about themselves even beyond their wedding day.

One of my patients, Nicole, came to me before her big day. She was both excited about the wedding and anxious about the state of her smile. She didn’t want her uneven and discoloured smile to be a distraction during her most special moment. Nicole arrived expecting to hear that she needs many complicated cosmetic procedures, but was instead surprised and delighted by a different approach. I asked Nicole the single most important question that I ask all of my patients: “what do you want?”

photo of NicoleI wanted to get to know Nicole as a person, not just as a patient, so I could understand her story and why she came to me for help. I listened carefully to Nicole’s response and took every little detail of her desires into consideration. I stayed attentive to catch her subtle cues and continued the conversation until we got to the root of her smile dreams.

More than anything, Nicole wanted to feel confident in her smile. She wanted her smile to complement her personality in a natural-looking way, and to showcase who she is on the inside. We discussed the various possibilities for Mini Smile Makeovers and decided on an in-office whitening treatment and bonding to even out her teeth and leave a long-lasting, brighter appearance.

“Improving my smile was much easier and faster than I thought. I was also surprised by how minor changes could lead to such a huge result. And while I’ve always been a happy person, I feel free to smile now in a whole new way. As for Dr. Mah, what can I say? He was so friendly and caring, and spent a lot of time talking with me about what I wanted, and how I wanted to feel. He made me feel very important and that I was his most important concern. He was the right dentist for me, and I have already recommended him to my colleagues in the fashion world and family members, too. Thank you Dr. Mah for giving me the natural, beautiful smile I always wanted!”

There are endless ways that I can help you achieve your wedding-perfect smile. Many future brides and grooms come to our dental practice for professional teeth whitening, or general cleanings leading up to the big day. In other cases, I have treated patients with dental implants or porcelain veneers to make their smiles picture-perfect. In fact, the wedding season is one of the most popular times for cosmetic dental enhancements! Every bride or groom deserves to look their absolute best for their unforgettable day, and that’s where I can help.

before and after photosIt’s my priority as a dentist to ensure that we go above and beyond to make sure your unique needs are met. Our practice is designed with you in mind. For Nicole, and many other patients, receiving a smile makeover is an incredible transformational experience. Even the smallest procedure can make such a big difference in your confidence and everyday life. I am absolutely grateful that Nicole allowed me to make an impact on her most important day by helping her achieve her wedding-perfect smile.

Dr. Kelvin Mah -

Dr Kelvin P Mah is driven to "enrich lives, one smile at a time." He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC's prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at


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