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Interview with Nicolette Lang-Andersen Founder of NLA Designs
Written by Crystal Carson   

model wearing a black dressHaving spent the majority of my styling career dressing real women, from high-profile personalities to the girl next door, the struggle of finding a dress that fits all body types has been real. When I learned that a friend and fellow stylist Nicolette Lang-Andersen was launching her first collection of dresses NLA Designs “a vibrant brand designed with every woman in mind,” I had to find out more about it.

Why are you creating this collection, and how did you get here?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and how clothes can transform a person’s look and self-esteem. Being a Fashion and Personal Stylist for more years than I can keep track of, my female clients brought up the same complaints time and time again. The challenge of finding that perfect dress that fits in the all the right places, difficulty in finding something that worked for them but was still on trend, and finding something that worked for their in-between size. I can’t remember exactly when I had my light-bulb moment, but as soon as I decided I wanted to create a solution to this problem I had the idea to produce a single design, that works on most body shapes, works for women across the ages, accommodates the in-between sizes and is adaptable for almost every occasion.

How does the dress work?

model wearing black and white dressThe main highlight of the dress is that it accommodates many different body shapes and sizes. With a unique and flattering waist tie, the dress changes for the wearer’s body shape, hugging it and accentuating at all the right places. Each size accommodates two sizes, for example, the size small will work on a size 4 and 6 or anything in between.

The message I want to send with the dress is to keep things fun and simple and to make women feel good in their own skin. It’s not about covering up what they have, but working with it and embracing it. It’s not about following trends, it’s about wearing something classic but still fashion forward.

Being a new mom with a somewhat changed silhouette, I know first-hand the challenges this can create and the utter joy of having an item of clothing that has worked pre-baby and post-baby, lovable lumps and all.

How and where is your collection made?

I strongly believe in being a socially responsible consumer and designer. Creating job opportunities and helping to push forward the retail and fashion community in Vancouver especially, is something I have always taken very seriously. Every aspect of the dress is made in Canada. The fabrics are sourced in Montreal, labels and buttons are sourced in Vancouver and my trusty seamstress, who helps with overflow is also sourced locally. This whole process has certainly opened my eyes to the challenges that designers are faced in Vancouver and Canada in trying to maintain their beliefs and creating something that is ethical while trying to keep production costs within budget and sell price of items affordable. However, I feel that there is a strong movement in Canada where consumers are becoming wiser in their purchase choices and more at ease at spending that little bit more on something made responsibly and of quality.

Where can this dress be bought?

The event launch will be taking place in mid-June and dresses will be sold online at and in-store at Fine Finds in Yaletown, Vancouver.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Paul Behm / Designer/Stylist: Nicolette Lang-Andersen / Model: Andee (Key Model Management) / Makeup & HAIR: Elizabeth McLeod / Stylist Assistant: Tessa Russel

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