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The List of BOTOX® Uses Grows Ever-Longer. Here's the Latest.
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

According to the BOTOX specialists at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, Inc., much of the drug's appeal lies in its convenience. Easy appointments, no downtime, and relative affordability have made BOTOX the star it is today. Whether you're treating an overactive bladder, a twitchy eyelid, or the ever-present crow's feet, BOTOX may just be the wonder drug of our generation.

It's also proving to be more and more versatile the longer it's on the market. With new indications cropping up every few months, it can be tough to stay on top of the latest. Let's take a look at some of the most exciting -- and unexpected – potential new uses for BOTOX. Look out for them at a doctor near you soon!

For Aching Feet

Whether you're on your feet all day already or you're planning ahead for a time when you will be (like an upcoming vacation or an extended shopping trip), BOTOX can help ease your pain and keep you moving. The Independent has the story, reporting that increasing numbers of people are turning to BOTOX for this purpose.

To get the most from treatment, BOTOX is typically injected in tandem with dermal fillers. The BOTOX slows down sweating and reigns in swelling, 2 things that make shoes feel uncomfortable at the end of a long day. Strategically placed filler softens and cushions the balls of the feet, which shoulder the burden when you're in heels.

For Sweaty Scalps

If you spend a lot of time on your hair every morning, it can be annoying to mess it up with a sweaty exercise routine before work. Some physicians and med spas now offer BOTOX injections to the scalp, where the neurotoxin suppresses sweat glands. Those familiar with another common BOTOX use will know that this indication makes a lot of sense: The drug already treats excessive underarm sweating.

On the scalp, the result is a relatively dry, fresh head of hair after a workout that doesn't need to be immediately washed. The sky's the limit for this sweat-busting indication.

For Red Faces

Think of rosacea as similar to blushing, except that it lasts much longer. This chronic and sometimes severe redness can be quite embarrassing for people, adding to stress and — you guessed it — exacerbating their symptoms. The facts are still emerging, but BOTOX and other neuromodulators seem to hold promise for treating this condition. By administering the product directly to blood vessels beneath the skin, BOTOX can stop them from expanding, thus reducing symptoms and keeping skin clear.

For Down-in-the-Dumps

Perhaps the most surprising recent BOTOX discovery is its potential to treat some of the symptoms of depression. Although the science around it is nascent, the thinking is that by preventing facial expressions associated with depression, like frowning and furrowed brows, the brain can actually be influenced to reduce feelings of depression.

This option could potentially be a great adjunct to SSRIs and other pharmaceuticals. There may be something to the advice to "turn that frown upside-down," after all.