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Will whitening damage my enamel or weaken my teeth?
Written by Michelle Bisson (POPcliQ)   

Q. Will whitening damage my enamel or weaken my teeth?

-Maryanne Wainscott, Coquitlam BC

A. In the past, enamel damage was indeed a concern because older whitening products were more acidic and caused the enamel to demineralize or weaken very rapidly.

This breakdown in the enamel caused extreme sensitivity and made teeth more susceptible to decay. But today’s bleaching products are much safer. However, you must follow proper directions when it comes to bleaching at home. Although today’s bleaching solutions are relatively safe, you can still do damage with over-bleaching.

Some people expect unreasonable results with bleaching, and think that if they bleach too often, and for too long, they will have extra-white teeth. Over-exposure to even the safest bleaches can cause the enamel to break down. Ensure that your dentist is using low-acidity bleaching agents and giving you specific directions about frequency and duration of whitening, including recommendations for “touch-ups.”

Michelle Bisson (POPcliQ) - D.M.D.

Misty A Henne, D.M.D. is a family dentist in Cloverdale. She graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia and has been practicing  dentistry for almost ten years. She and her husband opened a practice together three years ago and also reside in the area with their two young children. For more dental information, please visit


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