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Ask the Expert
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21 Ask the Naturopath: Dr. Allana Polo Dr. Allana Polo
22 Ask the Urologist: Dr. Kelly Casperson Dr. Kelly Casperson
23 Ask the Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Mathew Mosher Dr Mathew Mosher
24 Should I be using Vitamin C on my skin? Dr. Lydia Waterson
25 Why do I get a dark upper lip in the summer? Dr. Anita Fofie
26 How does menopause affect my skin? Dr. Lydia Waterson
27 How can I ensure my makeup lasts all day (and all night) long? Julie Brown
28 I have heard about cosmetic acupuncture and was wondering if it is a good option for my skin concerns. Amanda Beisel
29 What exactly is in dermal fillers? Are they safe? Dr. Anita Fofie
30 What is “BodyTalk” and how does it relate to skincare? Christine Barrie
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