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How To Achieve and Maintain Long, Healthy Hair
Written by Keri Lynne Hendry   

woman with long hair sitting with back to cameraFor years, I thought my hair would never grow past my shoulders. When I was younger I had such long healthy hair. What was the problem?

It had everything to do with my hair routine and not having a plan. If you are stuck growing out your hair and cannot get it long, then here are 10 tips just for you!

VISION Find a hairdresser that gets your vision. Whether it is colour or length, there has to be a plan that both of you agree on and work towards each visit.

PATIENCE Nothing happens over night. While I was growing my hair out, I used high quality clip-in extensions. Honestly, the clip-ins got hot and were time consuming. I did not wear them everyday, but it got me excited to grow out my hair and have naturally long hair myself! It takes months, not weeks.

CONDITION Deep condition at least once a week. I have been using Olaplex treatment at home in between colours. Ask your hairdresser if they carry Olaplex—it’s a game changer and can help repair damaged hair.

GET CREATIVE Avoid using heat everyday. This one is important. If you blow-dry and use either a curling iron or flat iron every single day, then you need to change up your routine. I get creative with buns, braids and ponytails. I will blow-dry and straighten or curl my hair twice a week, then alternate with different styles that do not include heat.

BE REALISTIC Be realistic with what you can achieve with your hair type. Talk to your hairdresser about what might not be attainable to avoid disappointment.

BAD HAIR DAYS Avoid any last minute hair decisions when you are having a bad hair day. Save pictures of what you want your hair to look like and share them with your hairdresser. That way, when you go and ask to chop it all off, your hairdresser will easily talk you out of it.

COLOUR If you colour your hair like me, it’s important to avoid dying over your length every time you go for a root touch up in order to prevent breakage.

TRIMS Getting too many trims, too often? Before I found a consistent hairdresser, every time I went to get roots done, they would “trim” my hair, which left it the same length! Now, I trim my hair every third visit.

DRY SHAMPOO This is a lifesaver and hair saver! I never wash my hair everyday to prevent breakage. The natural oils from your own hair can contribute to keeping it healthy! The healthier your hair, the less breakage and the longer it will be. So, feel free to add a little dry shampoo into your life. You will thank me!

CONSISTENCY If you stick with your plan, you are going to see your hair respond in a positive way. You can have long hair that is coloured and healthy.

Overall, it’s all about having a plan, sticking with it and being patient! If you need more hair inspiration please come visit me at or follow me and connect on Instagram @klynne_love. Every Monday, I post a new hair video with fun styles and ideas to help you get through the week! Have questions or want to see a certain style? I would love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,
Keri Lynne

Your Guide to Winter Hair Care
Written by Curtis Hunter   

woman wearing a knitted toqueEvery year when the weather changes and the winter is upon us, we winterize our lives. We bundle up and winterize our homes and cars, but there is something that we often forget to do! We need to winterize our hair. I have decided to make things simple for you by putting together my professional tips and quick fixes to help your hair look it’s best all winter.


After a long hot summer, our hair is bound to be thirsty. Thirsty hair also creates the dreaded static effect. To avoid this, make sure to double up on the moisture by adding a deep conditioner to your routine. This is also the time to invest in a lightweight wearable oil that can add shine, and stop those flyaways in their tracks. One of my personal favourites is Bumble and Bumble's Invisible oil.

Style time

Another simple tip is to take advantage of your hat and scarf collections. Using a hat is a great way to protect your hair from the wind, rain, and occasional snowfall. You can also get creative with hair wraps or scarves to protect your hair from the elements. Not into hats? Then try embracing some simple styles like a chic chignon at the nape of your neck or adding a fishtail braid to keep your ends together and hidden from the elements. This will also give your hair a break from hot tools like your blow dryer and flat iron.

Leave it to the pros

Getting a good trim is the best way to keep your ends in order. Simply ask your stylist to dust off at least a quarter of an inch from your ends every 6-8 weeks. This will keep your ends fresh, and stop you from picking up the scissors and taking matters into your own hands! Also ask your stylist what he/she recommends for your hair in order to keep it at it’s best. Often times a glossing treatment or a demi-permanent hair colouring can do wonders for dry or brittle hair. It adds a high gloss shine with little commitment, and it is sure to keep your hair glowing throughout the coldest of winter days.

Winter vacation

One last tip... for those of you who are lucky enough to spend the winter on a tropical vacation, remember to shield your hair from the elements. UV protection, extra moisture, and head wraps are all useful on a sun spot winter getaway!

Hopefully these pointers will help you love your hair during the holidays. With a little TLC you should have no problem embracing the cold winter weather and showing off your gorgeous healthy hair!

Hot Spring Hair Trends for 2014
Written by Van Nguyen   

For Spring 2014, take a laid back approach to “effortless romance” hairstyles. Our top four hot spring hair trends:

photo of woman's hair

Extreme side part Changing the part of your side has been proven to instantly change the look with minimal effort. Take the part deeper for a 1930’s inspired look that will show off confidence and can look über sexy.  Product tip: Add a hydrating product to wet hair and mix with a medium hold gel. The two combined will hold without the hardness.




photo of woman's hair
The “Bed head” look is messier than beach waves. Try skipping shampooing every other day to give your hair some slept-in texture.  Keep waves random and tousled. Product tip:  Add Kerastase Elixir Ultime Moringa Immortel to your waves for an instant healthy, soft shine.





photo of woman's hairHigh shine This is an almost wet, but glossy look, and definitely not greasy. Gel up the sides of your hair or slick back the roots leading into sleek flat-ironed ends or with loose wavy ends to reveal a contrasting matte texture.




photo of woman's hairMessy Plaits Braids are still so pretty!  There’s no need to be neat… the messier the better!





Hot hair colors for spring

If you are a blonde, go for cooler icy tones for spring. Adding some pastel pink and lavender to your highlights is quite trendy as well. Deep, rich red tones are very popular. Ombre/baliage colors are still trending, but in a minimalistic way with very gradual and blended highlights starting much higher – a few inches below the roots.

Fashion forward short cuts are all over the fashion runway. This season’s bobs come in all shapes and sizes, from slick and smooth, to choppy and textured. Our Ignite Beauty team recommends regular trims to keep your blunt cut bob looking sharp and stunning.

Spring up-dos are completely relaxed with strands left loose for a soft, feminine feel and volume at the roots to frame the face.

Fashion stylist Lisa Millar-Jones has a suggestion for those who are incredibly un-experimental with their hair: fun hair accessories are having their moment this spring. From gold hair cuffs and leather bows to floral blossoms and jeweled headbands, the right choice can elevate any simple hairstyle and make it all the more impressive and beautiful.

Lastly, but most importantly, pair up your new spring do with glowing, luminous skin. Glowing skin is a must heading into the sunny season. Invest in a good skincare line, some illuminators and an orange coral lipstick; then lightly dust some shimmered bronzers to achieve a luminous spring look.

Waves of Summer
Written by Curtis Hunter   

Bring on the heat! Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to let your hair down. The warmer months call for a free-spirited approach to beauty, so put away those straighteners and let your inner beach babe shine. This year’s top summer trends focus on natural movement and golden hues.

1. Sunny Highlights

Summer hair is all about soft warmth and movement.  Lighten your locks with balayage for a sun-kissed look. The freehand technique gives hair natural depth and dimension.

Photo credits:
Photographer: Chris Banting
Hair: Curtis Hunter
Makeup: Bonnie Bentley




woman with sun kissed dark hair

2. Bombshell Brunette

Rich golden browns with plenty of shine and a glossy finish are a great way to create a healthy-looking head of hair. Add soft waves to take your look from day to night seamlessly.

Photo credits:
Photographer: Sara Rogers
Hair: Harley
Makeup: Sue Woo


woman with brunette hair

3. Easy Waves for Day

A buttery blond with sunny highlights is the definition of summer when it comes to hair colour. For a day look, gently curl your locks with an iron and add some texture spray.

Photo credits:
Photographer: Sara Rogers
Hair: Sue Woo
Makeup: Sue Woo

woman with blonde hair

4. Sculpted Texture for Night

To transform your look for hot summer nights, try some teasing and pinning to change the silhouette of your hair. Have fun with texture!

Photo credits:
Photographer: Sara Rogers
Hair: Sue Woo
Makeup: Sue Woo

woman with structured hair

Summer Makeup Tip: “Change up your breezy day look for an evening out by adding thicker eyeliner and a bold brow for cool sophistication. For those loving the balayage trend, bronzed skin and a shimmery gloss are the perfect complement.”

Bonnie Bentley, Makeup Artist at Ignite Beauty Lounge


Holiday Hair All Year Long
Written by Harley Spade   

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of beautiful, glamorous hair! We at Ignite Beauty Lounge created a few looks that you can easily do at home for stunning hair year round.


hairstyle soft twistSoft Twist Down Style

  1. Part hair where most comfortable
  2. Take two sections from one side of the part line and twist hair. Add more hair to the twist from the hair line towards the nape of your neck.
  3. Repeat step two with the other side of the part line.
  4. Connect the two pieces with a clear hair tie.
  5. Finish with hair spray to tame the fly-aways and party the night away!



offside curly hair style


Tussled Curls Offside-Style

  1. Tease hair slightly at roots for volume and hold.
  2. Part hair far to one side, showing your best profile.
  3. Pull all hair to the opposite side of part and tie behind the ear, leaving some hair loose and teased for volume.
  4. For best results have pre-curled or curly hair.
  5. Add an accessory to the opposite side of the pony to finish the look.


messy hair up hairstyleSultry Messy Party Up-Style

  1. Have pre-curled or curly hair.
  2. Part hair where most comfortable.
  3. Using a stronger hold hair spray, generously spray hair for hold.
  4. Tease roots near the crown and nape if hair is too silky.
  5. Scrunch hair in hand and pin to the roots of the crown and nape.
  6. Carry extra bobby pins with you for quick adjustments through the night of dancing!

All these styles are quick and simple to do! Feel free to add your own personal flair with accessories, different size curls, glitter hairspray, or whatever else you desire!

Credits: All photography by John Bellerose. Style #1 - by Larissa Shulgin, Senior Hairstylist at Ignite Beauty Lounge. Style #2 & All make-up by Bonnie Bentley, Senior Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist at Ignite Beauty Lounge Style #3 - by Harley Spade, Senior Hairstylist at Ignite Beauty Lounge

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