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The List of BOTOX® Uses Grows Ever-Longer. Here's the Latest.
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

According to the BOTOX specialists at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, Inc., much of the drug's appeal lies in its convenience. Easy appointments, no downtime, and relative affordability have made BOTOX the star it is today. Whether you're treating an overactive bladder, a twitchy eyelid, or the ever-present crow's feet, BOTOX may just be the wonder drug of our generation.

It's also proving to be more and more versatile the longer it's on the market. With new indications cropping up every few months, it can be tough to stay on top of the latest. Let's take a look at some of the most exciting -- and unexpected – potential new uses for BOTOX. Look out for them at a doctor near you soon!

For Aching Feet

Whether you're on your feet all day already or you're planning ahead for a time when you will be (like an upcoming vacation or an extended shopping trip), BOTOX can help ease your pain and keep you moving. The Independent has the story, reporting that increasing numbers of people are turning to BOTOX for this purpose.

To get the most from treatment, BOTOX is typically injected in tandem with dermal fillers. The BOTOX slows down sweating and reigns in swelling, 2 things that make shoes feel uncomfortable at the end of a long day. Strategically placed filler softens and cushions the balls of the feet, which shoulder the burden when you're in heels.

For Sweaty Scalps

If you spend a lot of time on your hair every morning, it can be annoying to mess it up with a sweaty exercise routine before work. Some physicians and med spas now offer BOTOX injections to the scalp, where the neurotoxin suppresses sweat glands. Those familiar with another common BOTOX use will know that this indication makes a lot of sense: The drug already treats excessive underarm sweating.

On the scalp, the result is a relatively dry, fresh head of hair after a workout that doesn't need to be immediately washed. The sky's the limit for this sweat-busting indication.

For Red Faces

Think of rosacea as similar to blushing, except that it lasts much longer. This chronic and sometimes severe redness can be quite embarrassing for people, adding to stress and — you guessed it — exacerbating their symptoms. The facts are still emerging, but BOTOX and other neuromodulators seem to hold promise for treating this condition. By administering the product directly to blood vessels beneath the skin, BOTOX can stop them from expanding, thus reducing symptoms and keeping skin clear.

For Down-in-the-Dumps

Perhaps the most surprising recent BOTOX discovery is its potential to treat some of the symptoms of depression. Although the science around it is nascent, the thinking is that by preventing facial expressions associated with depression, like frowning and furrowed brows, the brain can actually be influenced to reduce feelings of depression.

This option could potentially be a great adjunct to SSRIs and other pharmaceuticals. There may be something to the advice to "turn that frown upside-down," after all.

Fountain of Youth
Written by Fresh Vancouver   
With fall just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to look and feel your best! Here’s our list of this season’s beauty must-haves.


Oxygenating Foundation

A breakthrough for all skin types, Oxygenetix has become one of the most raved-about anti-aging foundations available. The titanium dioxide protects your skin from the sun while the super-charged oxygen complex proliferates collagen cells and connective tissue growth in aging or wounded skin. Find this product at SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown.

bottle of Oxygenetix

Fable Naturals

Fable Naturals products are all made lovingly by hand in Vancouver, BC, using earthy, organic ingredients and are distributed across the country. Fable has a wide range of nourishing bath, body, and facial products with their most popular being a vegan lip balm in a compostable tube!

tubes of products and a wooden spoon with yellow flowers


Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels with Hexapeptide

These cooling transdermal gel patches infuse the eye area with concentrated doses of elastin to help firm and tone. Hexapeptide reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while ginkgo biloba helps improve blood flow and reduces puffiness. Advanced antioxidants help prevent future damage.

eye gel patches

Escents Aromatherapy

Natural Wellness To-Go Kit

For the mom who is constantly on-the-go, or the busy-body who’s always on-the-move, this kit includes 4 roll-ons—Head-Aid, Stress Relief, Breathe Easy and Muscle Relief—all stored in a travel-friendly, reusable tin.

4 roll-on bottles in a tin case


Soup Reset

The kitskitchen Soup Reset is designed to start the process of gently “rebooting” your digestive system by consuming easily-digestible soup and bone broth for 48 hours. All soups are made with locally-sourced, organic meat and vegetables, and don’t contain any wheat or dairy.

jars of soup and broth

GlowGo Skincare

Made with certified organic ingredients and containing no artificial colours, scents, or parabens, the GlowGo line was created with the same process as luxury spa products, but without the harmful chemical additives and expensive spa price tag. GlowGo Skincare is sold exclusively at participating Pharmasave locations.

bottles of GlowGo


Peptide Line Corrector

Let your skin repair and rejoice with this 60% peptide based miracle corrector. Packed with 14 active peptides, results have shown a 30% increase in collagen within the skin. Stimulating immune acid production and preventing visible signs of aging is why it has been dubbed 'botox in a bottle'!

bottle of Dermaquest

The 7 Virtues

Custom Blend Box

This box set contains four award-winning vegan fragrances made with natural essential oils from nations rebuilding. Create your own signature peace fragrance by blending a scent together with another.

box set of four fragrances

Fountain of Youth
Written by Fresh Vancouver   


Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. No Fillers. Unscented. This restorative serum increases skin elasticity to accommodate the changes that come with age and/or loss of volume in the face. A potent combination of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid maintain and protect the structure of proteins and stem cells while fighting antioxidants, leaving you with a healthy and supple complexion.

bottle of serum


The Magic Pads are a revolutionary new beauty product that combines the most effective ingredients found in high-end and couture serums with a newfound affordability that every guy and gal will adore. With every swipe, users are not only rinsing away the cares of the day, but are working to destroy their pesky problems at the root. Each compact and easily transported jar is filled to the brim with a series of soothing pads that have been imbued with their proprietary clarifying and hydrating solution. A unique blend of Glycolic acid, Organic Willow Bark, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E housed in an Organic Aloe Vera juice base for a cool and refreshing addition to any cleaning regimen. Their active ingredients penetrate deeply to help clear acne and blemishes; smooth, tighten, and shrink pores; exfoliate and tone for noticeably healthier and younger looking skin.

jar of magic pads


The Daub + Design girl is happiest on the go and the Adriana Leggings are her perfect sidekick. Transitioning easily from the yoga studio to lunch with the girls and on into a night on the town, the nylon/spandex blend is durable enough to withstand a workout and wicks away moisture to cool the body during any level of activity the day brings on. Each pair is hand-dyed, so you’ll look as unique on the outside as you are on the inside. $89.00

woman wearing leggings


A luxurious, 100% plant-based formula enriched with aloe, jojoba and organic hemp seed oils to moisturize and nourish your skin. The essential oils in this lotion will EMPOWER YOU with confidence, while the aroma calms your soul. Don’t let the perception of how we view ourselves get in the way. Lather yourself in Empower and take control of your day!

bottle of moisturizer

Fountain of Youth
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

Veg-Licious Camelina Blend

An exceptional new formula of omega-3 camelina oil, together with borage, coconut, chia, and pomegranate oils, and the antioxidant benefits of algae astaxanthin, form the ultimate secret for anti-aging, healthy glowing skin, nails, and hair. Referred to as “the new flax seed oil”, camelina oil is rich in omega-3s and naturally contains vitamin E to help alkalize the body’s environment and reduce pain and inflammation. Each teaspoon contains 1500mg of cold-pressed, unrefined and gluten-free camelina omega-3, along with omega 5,6,9 and algae astaxanthin antioxidant. Delicious on its own or add it to your favorite yogurt, smoothies, dips and salad dressings! Available at natural health food stores and pharmacies.

bottle of camelina blend

Stillwater Style by Kim

Personal and Celebrity Stylist/Blogger, Kim Appelt– Style by Kim xo works with clients to help them find their own unique style while also improving their self- confidence. With years of experience in the fashion industry, Kim brings a fresh new outlook to the fashion scene with her urban edgy style, eye for detail and design. Appelt has collaborated with STILLWATER The Brand, to design a inspirational graphic tank, which embodies the West Coast/chic vibe.

woman wearing a hat and sleeveless t-shirt

Riversol MD

Vancouver dermatologist and President of the Acne & Rosacea Society of Canada is launching his 2nd generation line of skin care products called Riversol MD this month!  This new Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free formula by Dr. Jason Rivers, contains the innovative molecule from the Western Red Cedar tree known for its many healing and medicinal properties.  The new line boasts of a potent Vitamin C & E blend along with the potent anti-oxidant beta-thujaplicin. Order online today at or call 1-866-774-8377. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to receive promotional updates and news from Canada's Sun Doctor.

bottles and jars of skin care products

Retin A: Anti-Aging’s Gold Standard
Written by Dawne Koke   

woman's face close upWith a plethora of skincare products out there, it can be difficult to determine which products, if any, live up to their claims. Companies seem to come up with new anti-aging claims almost daily. With so much information and choice out there, the question still remains: What is the best anti-aging product, or is there one?

Considered the gold standard among dermatologists, Retin A is definitely one ingredient I recommend incorporating into your beauty regimen. If you haven't started using this powerhouse product yet, read on to discover why you should.

Q- "What is Retin A and how does it work?"

A- Tretinion is a derivative of vitamin A that is more commonly known by the brand name Retin A. It works by diving below the epidermis to help stimulate elastin and collagen production while targeting fine lines and pigmentation issues. Using Retin A is not an instant gratification product; it takes time. Consistent use will reward you with smooth firmer skin for years to come.

Q- "Will it help my acne?"

A- Yes. Retin A works by speeding up the rate that cells turn over, so all those sticky dead cells won't clog up your pores. Some may experience a short period of time where their acne seems worse, but be patient; this is natural. Around the 6 week period, any flare ups should be resolved revealing fresh new skin.

Q- "Should I stop using it if I get irritated?"

A- Absolutely not. This is a strong ingredient that should be used slowly to allow skin to acclimate. Flakiness and redness should subside as your skin becomes used to it. If the prescription kind is simply too strong for you, look for less irritating formulas with lower percentages found at your local drug store.

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