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Let's Get To Know Isabella Flores
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

A fresh and current force in making your dream home a reality!

photo of IsabellaFinding the right home can be a hassle, especially in Vancouver’s increasingly competitive market. Now, more than ever, house hunters are on the lookout for the right REALTOR® to not only aid in their search, but also make it an enjoyable and stress-free process!

Meet Isabella Flores. Isabella is a Real Estate Representative with Dexters Associates Realty. Her talent, passion and dedication really shows through as she helps each client get the most of their search, truly understanding their unique needs and wants, and providing them with the best options.

Her approach to accessing each individual’s tastes, as well as her tip-top customer service, provides clients with an excellent outcome and turns clients into friends. From the first consultation you have with Isabella, you can be assured of quality service and great insight in Vancouver’s steadily growing real estate market.

In Isabella’s own words, “I simply believe in providing the best service for each of my clients and treating them the same way I would want to be treated as a customer.”

One of the biggest and most important decisions one can make in their lifetime is finding the right home—for themselves and their family. Isabella can steer you in the right direction!

You can connect with Isabella at 604-723-0752 or visit

Empowering Wellness: Interview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe
Written by Liberty Craig   
Interview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe

photo of LornaPhotographed by Erich Saide
Produced & Styled by Crystal Carson

So here’s a story: A single mother of four starts a nutritional supplement business out of her garage, then another, and another, mortgaging everything she has to make it work, and winds up blowing the lid off the simmering discontent that is the stew of women’s health concerns. Frustrated with mainstream medicine, women begin turning in droves to the solutions and information offered by this formidable, pioneering force. Thus is born Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions, named by Profit Magazine the 35th fastest growing company in Canada in 2013, and in 2014 acquired by vitamin colossus Jamieson Laboratories. By now a grandmother of eight, Vanderhaeghe remains committed to her passion, using nutrition as medicine, and her goal: to reach, educate and empower as many women as possible to take control of their health and their lives. Lorna Vanderhaeghe shares the details of her story with Fresh, and what a story it is.

Birth of a Passion

“In the late 70s, after I stopped breastfeeding my eldest daughter, she developed severe eczema. We went to the family doctor, the pediatrician, the skin specialist, and all they could recommend was cortisone cream. I read the side effects and discovered cortisone was unsafe for long-term use. I kept asking doctors if it could be related to her diet, because her skin was beautiful until I stopped breastfeeding. They said no, no, nothing to do with diet. I had never been in a health food store before, but I went into one and was told my baby had a GLA fatty acid deficiency. So we put GLA in her food, rubbed it on her belly, stopped giving her dairy and wheat, and within three weeks her skin cleared up. It transformed my life, and I decided to look for a career in natural health.”

Discovering Health

Lorna sitting on a stool“I took a job at Flora Distributors, who also owned Alive Magazine, and at the same time went back to school to complete my degree in science and nutrition. I couldn’t get enough science. By then I had four children, and soon I would become a single mother. I then had an opportunity to work for the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation, headed by the late Dr Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, who also ran the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. The JOM is where all the original pioneers in nutritional medicine published their work. There was a group of absolutely brilliant people who set the foundation for what we call the health food industry today. I was so fortunate to work with them, and I read thousands of papers on using nutritional supplements to treat disease. It was probably the most exciting time of my career.”

Business Beginnings

“I began running a small nutritional supplement company basically out of my garage, with my kids packing boxes, while also working for Alive. Around that point, I was asked to write my first book. The result was The Immune System Cure, which became an international best seller published in six countries and four languages. That set me off on my writing career—I now have thirteen books on multiple subjects. I began to do a lot of radio, television, seminars and public education.”

A Pivotal Moment

“Many women came to my seminars and asked what they should do for anxiety, heavy periods, hair loss, hormone problems and more. It was a pivotal moment for me when a woman in the audience stood up one day and said, Lorna, why don’t you make a line of women’s nutritional supplements, because it’s really hard to find the ingredients you’re recommending. So I started a company with the brand Lorna Vanderhaeghe. I was working with a very good friend, with whom I did not have a contract. A few years later he decided the product line was his, and I ended up having to rebrand and start all over again. I developed Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions with all female sales reps doing tremendous work to help women achieve optimal wellness, giving women the power to ask their doctors for what they really need. Our company motto is women helping women, and we really take that to heart.”

The Power to Question

“Too often, a woman will walk into her doctor’s office and say I think I have something wrong with my hormones, and be put off. She might get a prescription for an anti-depressant, or be told it’s just age or stress. Part of our company’s mandate is to educate women so they can start asking for what they want and questioning treatments they feel aren’t working. Once women start questioning medical treatments, the food they eat, the things they put on their bodies, it changes everything. The roots of getting what you want in life are in standing up for yourself, and what better place to do it than the doctor’s office.”

Hormone Havoc

“Women are being bombarded by environmental estrogens, in everything from cosmetics to pesticides in our food, to chronic stress which elevates our internal estrogen levels. This estrogen exposure leads to health conditions like breast lumps, menstrual problems, infertility, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, and ultimately breast, ovarian and cervical cancer. And it’s not only women—men with too much estrogen get beer bellies, breasts and erectile dysfunction. Many female conditions are treated with the birth control pill, which contains seven times the estrogen we would give to post-menopausal women. It’s unfortunate that the pill, which gave women so much freedom, has now become a noose around our necks. Fourteen year olds are put on it for acne; they don’t come off until they’re 32 and then they can’t get pregnant.”

A Difficult Decade

“Everybody talks about menopause, but women in their forties have the biggest problems. During the ten or so years prior to menopause (called perimenopause), estrogen levels skyrocket. Weight gain is common, as are thyroid problems and heavy periods; wrinkles set in as we start to lose collagen. It’s a rough time! With two heavy periods in a row, women can become anemic and experience hair loss and low energy. Low thyroid also starts to set in around this time, which causes weight gain and depression. Then we have women who have built their careers and waited to have children, and are trying to get pregnant in their forties.”

Balance with Supplements

“The first product I developed, called ESTROsmart, is for women with estrogen overload hormone problems. I am proud of this product as it changes lives: periods become effortless, acne disappears and the ingredients have all been shown to stop our good estrogen from converting into the cancer-causing estrogen. Women should also take vitamin D3, a multivitamin and fatty acids. Everyone is on a fish oil kick, but fish oil does not contain GLA, which is the fatty acid for beautiful skin. As we get closer to fifty we stop being able to make GLA from our food, and our skin loses that youthful luminosity. These supplements provide a foundation; if you have other problems we need to add to that.”

Nutrition for Energy

“If you want to feel vibrant, healthy and have beautiful skin, the majority of your diet should be dark-coloured vegetables. Eat protein at every meal to control food cravings. Your breakfast should be only protein to kick-start your fat-burning furnace. No fruit juice; it just elevates blood sugar and makes us fat. Include good healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and coconut butter. Limit fruit intake—especially if you have belly fat.”

From Freak to Chic

“I was talking about using food and nutrients for disease prevention back in the day when people thought you were a quack for doing so; you were a health food ‘freak.’ Now, the mainstream companies are getting interested in nutritional medicine. Fish oil, CoQ10 and vitamin D are now being recommended by everyone. I take it as a compliment. Obviously, we health food freaks did our job! You never know if you influence people, but I can tell you this: a lot of mainstream male doctors call me when their wives get sick.”

The Female Entrepreneur

“There’s a reason the business world continues to be dominated by men: women are looking after the children. Women are under so much pressure to be the best mother, the best lover, the best house cleaner, the best cook, the best entrepreneur… it is a horrific amount of stress. Something has to give, and it’s usually the woman’s health.

“There are very few women who risk running their own businesses. I risked it all: I mortgaged everything we owned to make it happen. As a single mother I needed to feed my family, so I couldn’t fail. It’s difficult, and I think women are notorious for being very bad negotiators. If a woman is a good business person she is generally labelled a bitch. I’m very determined, I know what my company needs, and I don’t take no for an answer. I also have an incredibly supportive [second] husband who has given me nothing but good business skills.”

Expanded Horizons

“In June of 2014, I sold my company to Jamieson Laboratories, which is the oldest and most trusted nutritional supplement company in Canada. We were growing so quickly that I could not go to the next level without some kind of financing. I have a completely autonomous relationship with Jamieson; we run our business as a separate division. With their support, we can now reach more women than ever before. We will continue to build our educational platform, which is the most important thing for us. We will continue to respond whenever women ask us for help with their health concerns. And we will continue to make superior products that go above and beyond what’s required by Health Canada regulations.”

The Ultimate Motivator

“I love what I do. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people. Any time I think about retiring, I think of a woman I met at one of my seminars. She brought me to the back of the room, unbuttoned her shirt and showed me where her breasts used to be. She said, whenever you feel like giving up, I want you to remember me. I had all the symptoms of estrogen dominance you talked about, but I didn’t realize what it was and ended up with breast cancer. She said, you have to keep talking to people because the doctors aren’t helping us, and women don’t know they have power and the control to change their lives.”

New Year Resolutions, Start-Overs and Do-Overs
Written by Connie Pretula   

fork and plateAccording to statistics, nearly half of us made New Year’s resolutions and fewer than 10% will actually achieve them. Ouch! Grim odds for anyone who pledged to improve their health in 2016. Yes, those age-old resolutions to get fit, eat better and lose weight are still the most popular. Why? One likely reason is, during the hustle of the holidays, these are the things we push aside while we’re shopping, spending time with family, and traveling.

I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s Resolution. I stopped long ago because it didn’t work, and who needs added pressure? For some people (especially us goal-oriented types), a failed resolution can actually be detrimental to their physical and emotional well-being. The good news is, your health doesn’t need to be tied to the calendar. Whether you made a New Year’s Resolution or feel it’s time to take on a healthier lifestyle, the best time to start, is right now.


1 Break it down.

It’s best to set small, achievable goals and gradually progress toward key objectives. For example, introduce one new healthy food choice every week (I recommend more green leafy vegetables because we all need to get more of those in) or commit to trying two new healthy recipes every month (check out my blog for inspiration).

2 Remove temptations.

It’s all too easy to fall into old habits, especially when you’re stressed, running late, or too tired to cook. Get rid of items in your cupboards, fridge and freezer that don’t support your healthier lifestyle.

3 Share it.

Let your friends and family know you are committed to improving your health. It can help you stay on track and might even inspire others to join you. For example, pass along a related book or article you enjoyed, share recipes, or blog about your journey. Organize a cooking night with friends or family and include the kids. It can be a lot of fun learning new ways to create tasty healthy dishes.

4 Think ahead.

Change can be difficult—it takes planning to adopt new eating habits. Meal planning is the most important (and often overlooked) determinant of success. It’s easy to cook up a tasty meal when your cupboard is stocked with certain canned food items and dry goods.

5 Stay positive.

Don’t get down on yourself if you occasionally slip up—everyone does! Remember, any step in the right direction is a good one.

I look at every day as an opportunity to start fresh. As kids we called them do-overs or start-overs – why not apply the same thinking to your health? Once you start gaining momentum, it gets easier…and feels great. If you need help getting on track, talk to a holistic nutritionist about your goals and specific steps to help you achieve them.

Join me at The Wellness Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I will be talking more about this topic as part of the Women & Wellness Seminar Series on February 13, 2016 at 2:15 pm. I would love to meet my readers in person and have you in my audience.

Education is the New Skincare
Written by Tamara Hughes   
Things to Keep In Mind when Selecting a MediSpa

Most of us wish to look and feel our best. Whether it is a more contoured body, or a more glowing vibrant and youthful appearance, your beauty goals are very important. There are numerous treatments readily available to you.

It’s a big decision that should not be taken lightly. With so many MediSpa’s at your fingertips, just how do you select the ideal one for you?

When it involves your face and body, you want to ensure that you are partnering with the best professional specialists available. Lets take a look at numerous components that you should keep in mind as you examine your options.

Qualified and Experienced Team

This might seem like a no-brainer, however we believe it is essential to discuss. The numerous treatments and procedures that are readily available require qualified professionals to ensure they are done properly as well as safely. Make certain that the MediSpa you select has talented and highly experienced professionals and support team.

Review Their Credentials

You are placing your beauty in the hands of these individuals so make certain you are selecting a team of professionals that know exactly what they’re doing, are committed to your safety/security and your health and wellness.

Focus On Education and Learning, Not Sales

Have you ever been to an establishment where everyone seems to be out to sell you? That’s not the feeling you should get when entering a Medi Spa. When you schedule your initial skin health assessment, the emphasis should always be on education and learning. The team member you are meeting with should first be concerned with explaining the procedure, benefits, risks, experience as well as everything else that goes into the treatment.

Objective Reviews As Well As Past Results

When it comes to doing your research it is very important to rely upon the numerous resources at your disposal. Read trusted and objective client reviews about the Medi Spa and their professionals which can paint a real picture of their culture, experience, approach, services as well as results they deliver.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

While the skill, expertise and experience of specialists are essential components of a great MediSpa, the technology used is equally as important. While it is not imperative that every piece of equipment is brand-new, hygiene and effectiveness should never be overlooked. Don’t be shy to inquire about the equipment.


The MediSpa that you select should be open and honest with all information. They should discuss the positive and negative elements of any type of treatment, show you the equipment they will be using and should explain the process in detail.

Get All the Information

Whether you are making a phone call or sitting down for an a individualized skin health assessment, come prepared with questions that can help you become more informed and prepared to make the ideal decision.

Questions that you may want to ask:

  • How long have they been in operation?
  • Is there a doctor onsite?
  • Who will be performing my procedure?
  • What are their credentials?
  • How many of these treatments have they performed?
  • What are their sterilization procedures?
  • What kind of results can I expect from my treatment?
  • Recovery time for my treatment?
  • Do you provide assistance?
  • How does your team remain current on new procedures, technologies, skills and techniques?

Don’t Focus Solely On Cost

Try not to choose simply based on price. Most reputable MediSpa’s offer the latest treatments and comparable prices. If the treatment seems too good to be true, they probably aren’t using the best technologies and products to do your treatments. “You get what you pay for.”

Think About Your Treatment Goals

Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts before your appointment. This will help ensure that you are more able to effectively communicate your needs. Do you want to diminish skin redness, look younger or reduce acne?

Let Go of Preconceived Notions

If you have had a bad experience at a MediSpa in the past, you should communicate that, keeping in mind that times have changed and therapies have truly improved. An unsuccessful treatment in the past does not mean it will not work in the hands of another.

Make a List

You should make a list of any medical conditions, medications, injuries, or warnings such as travel plans which you might want the specialist to know before beginning treatment.

Discovering the Perfect Fit

Most of us have different expectations and different needs when it comes to our beauty. Not every person will get the exact same feeling when he/she walks into a MediSpa. Perhaps you want more spa than clinical feel, others might place a lot more value on the feeling of clinical professionalism than they do on luxurious comfort, and some might be looking for that perfect balance between the two. When it comes to finding the perfect fit, we advise choosing the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

If you do your homework, ask all the right questions and leave no stone overturned, you can be confident in your decision. Invest the time in doing your due diligence so you can receive the most comfortable experience with the best results possible!

Women in Business
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

April May Bellia

April is a serial entrepreneur whose calling is to serve others. She creates products that ignite conversations and bring joy to people’s lives.

As an intuitive connector, April feels purposeful when networking and engaging others for collaborative opportunities. Guests at April’s events are carefully and divinely selected so that only the best and of highest integrity show up. KarmaTalks has evolved into a transformational speaking and networking event that is energized, inspiring, healing and uplifting.

As a believer in Spirit, Freedom and Love, April supports every person who follows their heart. She provides opportunities, tools and resources for entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true! Through her lifestyle coaching, business consulting, team building and love of speaking, April inspires others to dream, create, and manifest. She surrounds herself with light workers who are genuine, vibrant, fun, intuitive, and unique. Ultimately, April serves as a guide for others to raise their vibrations towards their truest and highest selves. Connect with April at

photo of April May Bellia

Katelyn Rousselle

Katelyn Rousselle found her way to the small town of Edson, AB from the big city of Vancouver, BC to offer advanced skincare services at her clinic, The Skin Room.

Katelyn’s passion for skincare started at a young age when she began dealing with skin issues. With her Advanced Esthetics education obtained in Ottawa, ON, Katelyn has since trained and specialized in non-surgical skin treatments like Medical Skin Needling and advanced acne procedures.

She brings extensive experience and knowledge in the Medical Esthetics field, working at skincare clinics in Ontario, British Columbia, and now running her own clinic in Alberta. Katelyn has written articles featured in Fresh Magazine on the latest advancements in natural rejuvenation techniques and laser hair removal.

Katelyn’s focus is aimed at helping others with their skin questions and concerns and being that person you can talk to when you feel you’ve tried everything.

To learn more about Katelyn’s clinic, The Skin Room, check out her website at:

photo of Katelyn

Christina Marousis

Red Carpet Ready by Christina is a 100% Mobile Business offering makeup, Hair & Personal Styling.

Christina is a creative artist with background and experience in the beauty, fashion and event industry. Her work has been featured on magazine covers, publications, and on countless blogs for her involvement with editorial projects and beauty advice. Some of her past clients include, Mercedes Benz and Topshop Canada, Tiffany & Co., and TEDActive. With almost 4 years of her Mobile Services in Business, she has worked with some of the most high-end partners and clients, including social media teams and directors, preparing them for TV and media coverage. Her experience extends to the film industry, where she has done makeup, hair and styling for commercials and music videos.

Christina is committed to excellence and provides professional and punctual service, no matter how big or small the job. She will work with you to perfect all of your hair, makeup and styling needs. There’s no question that Christina’s passion comes out in the work she does.

Find out more at:

photo of Christina

Yvonne Williams

As a small business owner, Yvonne Williams feels it is important to be a part of the community she services. The energy of Kitsilano fits perfectly with her goal of opening a clinic that provides a holistic approach for skin care using non-invasive techniques and organic products.

On a personal level, being a celiac, Yvonne has learned the importance of reading labels and staying on top of what is happening to the body inside and on the surface. She believes that healthy skin starts within, but what we put on our skin affects what’s inside.

Knowledge is empowerment. This is Yvonne’s mantra. And that’s why it is important for her to understand her clients’ needs as individuals and customize a plan for them. Educating and advising a client on all options for a whole body approach to healthy, beautiful skin is her greatest passion. Healthy beauty is what Yvonne and her skilled team strive for and deliver at Magnolia Regeneration.

To learn more, visit:

photo of Yvonne

Teri Holland

Teri Holland has always followed her passion in life, whether it was as an actor, a personal trainer, or as an entrepreneur. She became a life coach after realizing that most people do not follow their passions and instead live a life feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Teri is passionate about helping people find their joy and purpose in life and to live an empowered life of health and abundance through her coaching programs and seminars.

Teri believes in playing big, going after your dreams and never settling for anything but your absolute best.

With her certifications as a NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Master Life Coaching, Teri has all of the tools needed to help you live the life you deserve, right now!

Teri’s podcast, The Empowered Life, is available on iTunes.

To learn more, or to book a free 30-minute consultation with Teri, visit

photo of Teri

Tamara Hughes

Science meets nature and beauty meets health. As the owner of Skin Deep Formulations & Rainy Daze Medi Spa, Tamara has been a dedicated trainer, master of aesthetics and a paramedical dermal specialist for over 20 years. She offers exquisite experience with award-winning effectiveness using only the most elite professional skin care, cosmetic and medial technology in today’s beauty industry. This year, Tamara won “Top Training Team” in the company and was nominated for other sale awards.

As a licensed aesthetician, paramedical dermal technician and trained oncology aesthetician, Tamara has a passion for the education of health and wellness and strives to help clients boost their sales, increase their knowledge and retain their clientele in the skin care industry.

Tamara owns and facilitates an advanced training facility for spa industry professionals. Learn more about Tamara and her work at

photo of Tamara

Rosanne Braniski

Rosanne Braniski began waiting tables at 12 years so she could have new school clothes for school. From there, she put herself through a cosmetology course, and shortly after opened her first hair salon. Rosanne has never looked back since.

Now, a mother to two daughters and a grandmother to three grandchildren, Rosanne is the owner of Jirehstone Ltd. in Port Coquitlam, BC. Jirehstone Ltd. specializes in unique, innovative and custom-made exterior façade made from crushed limestone to mirror the look of exquisite stone.

Even through career changes, Rosanne has never lost her passion for hair and makeup. Having been her business for 25 years, she is still very active in the industry, doing hair and makeup for fashion shows. Speaking from experience, Rosanne believes that no matter how small the beginnings or your background, it is possible to be a strong, successful woman. Follow your passion.

photo of Rosanne

Erica Matheos

Erica Matheos opened the door to LouRoo Photography in 2013. As a busy mother of two, she had become all too familiar with the fleeting moments of the day-to-day. She became obsessed with details - the changes in the way little children hold a crayon, the pudginess of hands, the way lashes lay upon youthful cheeks. She found herself taking hundreds of photos of moments that change in the blink of an eye. These images are among her most prized possessions.

Erica always had a great love for photography. She believes that memorable moments consist of three parts; the lead up, the moment, and the opportunity to revisit it. What she endeavours to capture are real and genuine moments: the connection between two people, the wonder in a child’s face, the love in a mother’s eyes. Moments of anticipation, excitement, surprise...

Real people, real moments, real life—captured. To get in touch with Erica, visit

photo of Erica

Loredana Moretti

Certified ACSM personal trainer Loredana Moretti, will help you be Fit, Fabulous and Forever Beautiful.

It is essential to surround yourself with the best women you can, and Loredana guarantees you will find these women at her health and fitness networking seminars. Loredana’s busy life allows for limited time, and she dedicates this time spent with only the very best women. She is providing health fitness nutritional plans and networking seminars to motivate, inspire and change the lives of women with weight and or health issues due to lifestyle habits.

Join Loredana’s network of inspirational women, and find out how to maximize your fat loss as you age. You don’t have to give up everything to look great. Instead, wake up everyday and love the life you live! Finally no more yo-yo dieting! Find out how to live a normal life and look great doing it. Fat loss for real women who live real lives.

Loredana is living proof that it is never too late to change. Check out her own transformation at

photo of Loredana

Tracy Dueck

Tracy Dueck, owner and founder of Tracycakes Bakery Café, dreamt of offering a beautiful place offering warm smiles and delicious home-made food. Then she thought, life happens over coffee, so why not sweeten the experience with cupcakes, charm, and an inviting ambiance.

In 2006, she took the courageous leap and opened her first Tracycakes Bakery Café. She was so humbled to watch people come to her little restaurant and embrace the ‘mom’s or grandma’s kitchen’ atmosphere that she was striving for. Tracycakes’ offers a variety of delicious savouries and sweets, with her signature item being cupcakes, in over 60 flavours to be exact. With fun names like Ra-Ra-Raspberry and Lovely Bunch, it’s no wonder her customers keep coming back for them.

Tracy is known for her entrepreneurial spirit, is not afraid to take risks, and is wise enough to hire people that are ‘smarter than her’.

With two locations in Abbotsford and Murrayville, Tracycakes aims to be the ‘home away from home’. Check out her full menu at:

photo of Tracy

Maria Kritikos

Maria Kritikos is a life-long entrepreneur with a strong penchant for educating, connecting and empowering women. In just a few short years since launching the Ladies Who Lunch Network, Maria has seen her passion project expand across the globe, with members from Vancouver to New York to Australia. A certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, she is also the host of, the creator of the, mentor at her popular brainstorming sessions, and most recently, head of the She’s in Biz Academy. All of her initiatives are designed to inspire women to be fearless and fabulous by helping them realize and live out their dreams.

Although Maria began her career as a high school teacher, and then later a successful real estate agent, she came to realize that her true calling lies in connecting and inspiring women to realize that anything is possible for themselves. To join the and live a life without limits, visit You can also connect with Maria on Twitter @LunchWithMaria and Facebook at

photo of Maria

Carol Janeczko

After 21 years working at the University of Manitoba Carol Janeczko decided to move to BC and take over The Little Mexico Cantina in Steveston, Richmond. But, why Mexican? Over a 10 year period Carol hosted international high school students and fell in love with all of them and their cultures. Her international students showed her a side of Mexico not everyone gets to experience. Owning a Mexican restaurant would provide her with an opportunity to share her passion for the food and culture, serving one meal at a time.

Her menu showcases the different regions of Mexico showing off what different regions have to offer; bringing the food and culture to our community. Before she took the restaurant in 2014, Carol focused on hiring a chef that could provide a culinary experience with her vision in mind. Roberto Lopez Lara is from Tamaulipas, Mexico and the synergy and passion they have together makes this place come alive. No wonder, Little Mexico Cantina won 1st prize this year for “Best Taco!”

See the full menu and more at

photo of Carol

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