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How to NOT Be Afraid of the Camera
Written by Adera Angelucci   

woman's face looking at the camera

It can be daunting to stare at a lens since it can seem like an emotionless eyeball, unblinking, waiting for you. Perhaps it conjures an image that you fear—an ambivalent audience. After all, how can we perform without connection? I think this fear and the lack of connection is what can trip people up when doing video. As with everything else, we need to turn fear to love.

The camera, and the waiting audience, loves you. The lens is your most patient ally—it will wait until you get it right.


Bring out the best you by imagining or having your ideal person there to film with.

  1. Smile—it will get you out of your head and into your heart. Guaranteed.
  2. If you muck up, laugh at yourself! You are trying and no one gets it right the first time.
  3. Find your best angle and light yourself up! We’re there to see you, not your backdrop.
  4. Your phone shoots in HD! You do not need any fancy equipment, so relax. Make sure to get a tripod so you’re not hand-holding. Shaky video is distracting!
  5. You are perfectly imperfect and your story or message deserves to be heard! (I want to hear it!)


Wnorth Conference Profile: Heather Odendaal
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

photo of Heather

Heather Odendaal is meeting one of her committee members for the WNORTH Conference at a cafe in her home of Whistler, BC. She is the epitome of “leaning in”—a laptop is fired up on the table in front of her, a steaming latte is at hand and her three-monthold son Luke is fast asleep in the stroller tucked behind her chair.

WNORTH Conference is Heather’s other baby, her first child if you will. After identifying a gap leadership training supporting women, she decided to create her own forum. Now in its second year, WNORTH Conference is a platform bringing together today’s top women leaders and the next generation of women rising to leadership positions in corporate, public and entrepreneurial sectors.

This boutique destination conference gives women the opportunity to have real conversations critical to achieving real success. A multidisciplinary approach to the delivery of conference content allows participants to dive into the conference’s main pillars of focus: Accelerate Growth, Balance Life, Inspire Change and Connections that Matter. Inspirational talks, actionable workshops and intimate networking opportunities, move conversations outside of the normal boundaries of the typical conference event. WNORTH is the first of its kind- an experiential, destination conference for women in business on a leadership track. The material delivered at the conference is not only impactful, it is outcome-based. Each individual will be held to task by their fellow attendees through the creation of a community of women who are the next generation of senior leaders.

This year, WNORTH Conference will host 200 business leaders in the unique resort setting of Nita Lake Lodge from April 20–22, 2016.

The conference has expanded to feature two days of keynote talks, interviews and workshops as well as unique networking events such as the Connect Dinners; a series of intimate dinners hosted by two speakers from the conference where participants can dive into meaningful and individualized conversations between both participants and presenters.

Confirmed speakers for the 2016 WNORTH Conference include Veronica Juarez, Head of Enterprise Initiatives at Lyft; Elysa Fenenbock, Designer at Google & Global Game-Changer; Heather Rangel, Head of Tech Sector, Deloitte Tax LLP; Philip Grosch, Partner, Consulting and Digital Services Lead, PwC; Nancy Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer, Clearly; Kelly Norcott, Director of Business Development, TELUS; Elizabeth McLaughlin, CEO & Founder, 40% and Rising out of New York City; and Narges Nirumvala, a worldrenowned leadership communication expert.

To say Heather has moxie, is an understatement. But she isn’t alone. Heather has surrounded herself with an organizing committee made up of twelve individuals (including her husband), each working in their own sphere of expertise on a pro bono basis. The WNORTH Board of Advisors also provide their guidance and mentorship towards the broad themes and direction of WNORTH. Heather built this team to support her as she took on the additional role of motherhood, and the result is a collaborative effort mirroring the kind of network Heather hopes to build on a global scale for women as they ascend into leadership roles.

WNORTH is the first of its kind- an experiential, destination conference for women in business on a leadership track. The material delivered during this conference will not only be impactful, it will be outcome-based. Each individual will be held to task by their fellow attendees through the creation of a community of women who are the next generation of senior leaders.

Tickets for WNORTH are now available. The Balance Pass is $699 and includes access to two days of WNORTH Conference programming in Whistler as well as an opening wine reception. WNORTH Conference is proud to partner with PwC, McQuarrie Hunter LLP, Business Events Canada, Nita Lake Lodge, Fresh Magazine, and is produced by Heather’s company, Bluebird Strategy.

Registration is now available at

How to Actually Accomplish Your Goals This Year
Written by Dr. Kelvin Mah   

woman sitting behind desk leaning back with hands behind head

I always feel a sense of renewal during the spring season. It’s a reminder for me to set new goals and look for new opportunities—both in my own life and for Smile City Square Dental. Our practice is constantly seeking to improve our facility and services to better serve you—our loyal patients. In every aspect, our patients are the fundamental focus of our practice, and drive all of our intents and actions. I spent a lot of time in the past few months reflecting on the amazing patients I was fortunate enough to treat in 2015, and how they constantly motivate my team and I to excel in our practice of dentistry. With that in mind, I find that now is the optimal time to take those reflections, and turn them into new goals. Then take those goals, and turn them into results. Although it can be difficult to stay on track, it’s important to keep your end goal in mind every step of the way.


It’s very likely that your goals and mine overlap. Let me guess—in 2016, you’re aiming to live a healthier lifestyle and pursue new things that make you happy. You may have been thinking about making a significant change in your life for a while, but have yet to take action.

During this busy time of year, it’s crucial to set time aside for yourself. Whether it is going for a morning run, trying out a new cooking class, or treating yourself to a mini vacation, follow through with your plans and you won’t regret it! What may help is writing down some attainable short-term and long-term goals, which you can check off your list as you reach each milestone. As well, I find it very helpful to surround yourself with people who can help you move towards your new goals—whether it’s living healthier, happier, or anything else.

Those are actually my goals for the year as well—to help you renew your overall health with better oral care, and to assist in making your smile dreams come true. If you’ve been thinking about achieving an enhanced smile—what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to take action. Smile City Square Dental can help you reach your goal for a better smile with a smile transformation. A smile transformation can be a combination of treatments that make your teeth straighter, whiter, have a better gum-to-teeth ratio, or make them fit more comfortably in your mouth. Basically, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a better smile.


It’s time to get started! Why choose to complete your smile transformation with me at Smile City Square Dental? What we love about our practice is that we are collaborative, we listen to your unique needs, and we genuinely care about delivering the best results for you. When it comes to taking a significant step towards your goals, such as choosing to enhance your smile, we understand how important it is to have all your needs heard and understood. I make it my intension to always listen to your story and learn about you as a person before designing a plan of action for your smile. This way, I can be sure that you will be more than happy with the outcome of your procedure(s). I see each smile transformation as an opportunity to fulfill a dental dream, and happy patients are what motivate me each and every day to continue my passion of dentistry.

As much of an opportunity as a smile transformation is for me, it’s much more of an opportunity for you to achieve an enhanced smile and overall better health this year. Smile transformations at Smile City Square Dental result in both aesthetic and functional benefits. The aesthetic benefits that come from crowns, veneers, whitening and gum contouring will be more apparent and quickly noticed by others. In addition to a smile that looks better, a smile transformation will also make your teeth more functional. A transformed smile can make chewing easier, prevent grinding, and overall increase your comfort. You’ll feel like a brand new person with a boost of confidence and even more reasons to smile! Trust me, people will notice a major difference and more importantly you will feel it too. After hearing the hundreds of personal stories of my patients over the years, I’ve come to realize what causes the greatest angst amongst those who are unhappy with their smiles: the inability of people to freely express themselves through their smiles. Those of us who are fortunate enough to smile when we feel joy, take our smiles for granted. There are others who have lived their lives being very self-conscious about the appearance of their smiles and as a result, have rarely expressed their joy freely. This has led to a lack of confidence in social situations.

If you fit into this category, it’s not difficult to see how your smile, or lack there of, may have prevented you from reaching your full potential. We are here to help. We’ve helped many, many people obtain the smiles of their dreams and we can help you. That is why my patients have described the experience of receiving a smile transformation as a life-changing opportunity, of which the results and advantages will stick with you for a lifetime.


My dental practice is a huge part of my life, and is in the forefront of my thoughts at all times. I’m always thinking—what can I do to make the practice better and impact more lives? I’ve made it one of my goals this year to continue making a difference in the dental industry by breaking the barriers between dentist and patient. No matter your reason for stepping into our practice, I assure you that I will always make your needs my priority, by actively listening to your story and creating custom dental plans that work for you. You’ll notice right away when you come for your visit that my entire team is dedicated to being transparent with our patients and making your experience as comfortable as possible.

If an enhanced smile has been on your mind recently, I invite you to take actionable steps towards your goal. The first step is to schedule a consultation at our practice and to learn about the options available to you. Take the new season as an opportunity to finally make your dreams a reality, and to make a change for the better in your health and happiness!

VCC Salon and Spa Gives Students and Clients the Keys to a Dynamic City
Written by Fresh Vancouver   
Two years after the beauty school’s high-end update, the film and fashion world is calling.

spa facial treatmentIn 2013, the VCC Salon and Spa—an institution devoted to teaching future beauty professionals their craft—got its own makeover. The campus was renovated into a truly high-end environment, as sleek and tranquil as any downtown salon or spa. At the same time, the training program got a business unit that freed up its instructors to focus on teaching and pursuing training in the latest hair and spa techniques.

It was a major overhaul for VCC’s longrunning hair design and skin and body therapy certificate programs. Was the investment worth it?

Geeta Charach, the Business Manager who came to the VCC Salon and Spa along with the high-end renovations, believes the results speak for themselves. “We keep increasing number of classes. Our enrollment is increasing. Clients want to be in our state-of-the-art facilities. We’re typically fully booked and have a daily wait list.”

That’s something that should pique the interest of prospective students. Learning the ins and outs of the beauty trade in a fully booked salon and spa can make a world of difference.

For example, hair design students at VCC Salon and Spa learn by working with people, not mannequins. Charach explains the difference: “Mannequins sit on a stand and don’t move or talk. They don’t have hair that’s been coloured or permed many times. They don’t bring their kids. Our students get a dynamic experience of working with real people.”

Indeed, the dynamism of the VCC Salon and Spa experience extends far beyond mannequins. A quick survey of the school’s activities reveals an institution that is deeply integrated with the vibrant city it calls home.

Top beauty brands regularly rent the school’s facilities for demonstrations or to prep for hair shows. Professionals use the space to prep for photo shoots. The film industry is beginning to knock on VCC’s doors. VCC students have now spent five seasons providing hair services in the glamorous whirlwind that is Vancouver Fashion Week.

“Our students get opportunities that make them more excited and motivated,” says Charach. “And when they do their practicums, chances are they are going to get hired. In fact, our students’ rate for employment is 89%.”

Clients of the salon and spa are equally excited by what they experience. “People come to us because they get a genuine highend salon spa experience with top-shelf beauty brands like Eminence, Dermalogica, Joico, and Goldwell for a reasonable price. I mean…$11 for a haircut? Facials starting at $32.50? That’s amazing!”

If you’re a future beauty professional looking for a dynamic training experience, or if you’re on the hunt for top-shelf yet affordable services, visit Or check out VCC students’ latest creations on Instagram@vccsalonspa.

For the Love of Beauty and Fashion
Written by Fresh Vancouver   

woman smiling and looking to the sideKeri Lynne—also known as @klynne_love—has gained a loyal following on Instagram by Instablogging (Instagram blogging). She keeps things fresh and fun by posting pictures of her style, beauty, hair, and daily extravaganzas as a mommy of two. She is excited to announce the official launch of her blog and partnership with Fresh Magazine! Every week, Keri will be posting how-to hair videos for Fresh Magazine and will share her favourite fashion and beauty finds through her blog.

Keri discovered her love of fashion and beauty at a young age. With an appreciation for style, she has created a look of her own, while never forgetting her northern Canadian roots. She is able to connect and communicate with other women in a positive, uplifting way. With over 15 years working in fashion and beauty, she is confident in sharing all her favourite finds!

This small town girl graduated with a BA and a double minor in English and Women Studies from UNBC, and then moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her career in fashion marketing and buying. She travelled all over North America while working in fashion and even lived in Chicago for half a year. Thanks to the power of social media, she has been able to merge her passion and entrepreneurial spirit with her love of being a wife and mother, while living a West Coast lifestyle.

You can expect to make women feel safe and confident while also having fun!

“I want to inspire other women to create goals, believe in themselves, and to follow their dreams. I also have a section that is real and raw—all about mommy stuff! I write and post to women, for women. Just because we are busy in our day-to-day lives, does not mean we should forget who we are and what we love. Know I am here to uplift, to motivate, and to let you in on all my beauty and style secrets.”

Keri believes that through a common love for fashion and beauty, women can support and uplift one another. Stay tuned for Fresh and Keri’s “Monday Hair Videos,” which will feature fun and quick ways to do your hair. Plus, be sure to check out and follow her on Instagram @klynne_love for daily inspiration.

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