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Beauty Buzz 411

Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Roll On

Sometimes us busy girls need to chill the bleep out. What better way for a little R&R on the go or relaxing at home than with Paris Elixirs & CO Roll-Ons? They have been a lifesaver for me! When things heat up and you need to unwind, rely on these little babies to be your saving grace. With essences of sandalwood, geranium, sweet marjoram oil and lemongrass, you’ll be sure to take a load off thanks to the help of a little aromatherapy. Start rolling at


roll on bottles of aromatherapy

Growing Strong

Some things you can’t put a price tag on, and luckily for us, Garnier doesn’t break the bank. This store-bought brand is a true winner. Garnier Fructis Grow Strong Fortifying Mask not only smells good, but it delivers intense moisture. My hair has complete manageability and strength from root to tip. An ace in my books! Get your strength at

tube of Growing Strong

Clean Up

Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day. There is nothing I love more than great smelling hand soap. The problem with most brands is that they dry out my hands and leave them feeling parched. Lotus Aroma hand soap has 100% botanically -derived active ingredients and is vegan and gluten- and GMO-free! And can we talk about the scent? With jasmine and grapefruit, I become instantly captivated. Check out

pump bottle of hand soap


What’s more perfect than a moisturizer that can take you through day or night? Caudalie’s Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is the bomb. Not only does this whipped, airy cream take care of all your needs, it goes on like butter! From pure moisture to complete bliss, this divine sorbet glides across your face like magic. Caudalie covers anti aging, radiance and all your sensitivity needs. This is a must have all year round. Visit today.

bottle of moisturizer

Wake Up Your Legs

Lotus Aroma Gel for heavy and tired legs brings life back into exhausted joints and limbs. e invigorating combination of essential oils makes any hard workday a piece of cake. I love how this gel goes on cool and slowly turns into a soothing warmth. With pure Cypress, Lemon, Camphor and Peppermint essential oils, this is a great treat for at home, the office or long plane rides. Relax at

bottle of aroma gel
Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Beauty Within

Your beauty regime is about to get an overhaul! Thanks to the TruMarine™ Collagen supplement, both my nails and hair have become noticeably stronger and my complexion is definitely more vibrant. I love how easily it mixed into my favourite beverage (hot or cold). And for the movers and shakers of this world, there are convenient stick packs to replenish on-the-go! TruMarine makes sure your beauty is covered 24/7. Get your whole body boost at


TruMarine Collagen

Move It

The “De-Constructed Move It” Manipulating Gel from Garnier Fructis has me moving in all sorts of directions. This cream-gel gives my style the perfect amount of hold, while still allowing tons of movement. There is no tacky feel and the black fig leaves a scrumptious scent. A real winner for us short-haired gals. Grab yours today at or

tube of Move It

What’s the Hold-Up?

A hairspray that helps maintain a healthy scalp... what? That’s exactly what you get with NIOXIN “Niospray” regular hold hairspray. Not only does it add volume to my strands, it’s easy to brush out, making it workable for hair that needs to be styled and restyled! A perfect companion for runways, walkways and flyaways. Create your style at

Nioxin hairspray

Deep Down Clean

There is just something that I love about a great face wash that makes my skin shout for joy. The new “Baking Soda” Pore Cleanser from Biore works double-duty, giving me a squeaky clean canvas with a little exfoliation thrown in. I am obsessing about the scent; something about it reminds me of a mineral spa. Oh, and it’s a great makeup remover too! Let’s be clear with

bottle of Biore

Brazilian Bronzed

Stop. Now wait a minute— are you telling me there is a face tanner that doesn’t leave streaks and gives instant colour? Why yes, that’s exactly what I am telling you! St. Tropez “Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil” is super lightweight, not oily, and does not block your pores. Awesome for some spring time glow. Bronze it up at or

bottle of St Tropez
Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Face It

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin, and Indeed Laboratories’ “Retinol Reface” gives triple action protection to help fight the signs of aging. I love the moisture it provided and how it gave me a more youthful glow. This is a good alternative for everyday use, without the peeling and irritation from strong retinols. As I always preach, follow with a sunscreen in the AM. Put your best face forward with


tube of Retinal Reface

Rated XXXL

As a gloss addict, I am always on the search for the latest and greatest. Essence Cosmetics put some pop back into my pout with “XXXL Shine” lip gloss. My favourite part is that it adds intense colour without all the sticky mess. It’s perfect on its own, but pairs up beautifully with my favourite lipstick. High Shine at its finest. Find your “True Love” at

tube of lip gloss

Showered in Love

They say milk does a body good, and this is exactly what I got with Nivea’s “In-Shower Body Milk.” With cooler days going into the New Year, their almond oil cream left my skin fully moisturized. Since you apply it and rinse it off in the shower, it’s perfect for us girl bosses on the go. There is no need to fuss with lotions. Condition your skin today with

Nivea shower body milk

I Can’t Believe My Eyes

I was completely blown away when I tried the new “Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil” from Caudalie. It is a powerhouse when taking off eye makeup, especially waterproof. This incredible cleanser transforms from a beautiful oil into a milky emulsion in seconds with water. There is no greasy mess and it left my skin baby smooth (suitable for all skin types). Caudalie, you really hit this one out of the park! Get oiled up at

spray bottle of cleansing oil

Nailed It

I’m really hard on my nails, so I need a brand that can handle the wear and tear. Sally Hansen’s “Complete Salon Manicure” is top notch when it comes to at-home style. Along with a great brush and amazing colour selections, this polish combines six beneficial products into one simple bottle. No one-hit-wonder here! Ring in the New Year with “Warm Regards” at

bottle of red nail polish

A Bit Of A SPEC-tacle

As someone that suffers from dry eyes, I was in need of some new specs for extra comfort. Discovering Aspire Eyewear was a wonderful surprise. They are ultra-light to the point that I forget I have them on. They have super-thin frames and come in so many fashionable styles. These little beauties are sure to make a statement. Get “Connected” with

black eyeglasses
Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   
The buzz on the best, latest and coolest beauty products from beauty blogger Crystal Jensen!

Art Of Hair

There is always those sneaky fly aways that appear after styling my hair. I look for products that will smooth and not weigh down my tresses. Shu Uemura "Essence ABSOLUE" Nourishing Oil-In-Cream with Camellia Oil is the perfect aid during and after styling. I add it before blowdrying and a tiny bit as a balm to finish my look. This product has an incredibly captivating scent. Discover the Difference at


golden tube of Shu Uemura

Masked Beauty

I'm all about using natures power foods to infuse my skin with goodness. Pomegranate's bring lots of beauty benefits and The Face Shop's "Real Nature" Face Mask Sheets contain pure ground pomegranate. This mask left my skin moisturized and glowing, it felt like I had just had a treatment at the spa. These one time use masks are super convenient for travel and easy to use.  Stock up on your favourites with

bottle of cleanser

Oils Of Life

I've been using natural oils on my skin for as long as I can remember. There is something therapeutic and nourishing with infusing your skin with nutrients from the earth. The Body Shop's new Oils Of Life "Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil" combines black cumin oil from Egypt, rose hip oil from Chile and camellia oil from China. This powerful blend of oil plumped my skin and gave it a more youthful glow. It's super light-weight so you can use it day and night added to your cream. The whole Oils Of Life line is a beauty must have this fall and winter! Add life to your skin at


The Rice Way

I'm pretty particular when it comes to cleansers and I have totally fallen for The Face Shop's "Rice Water Bright" Rice Bran Cleansing Foam. It's great for taking off makeup and the rice bran granules  gently exfoliate my skin, leaving a brighter complexion. This cleanser is good at keeping my pores clean and impurity free. Clean Up Today at

bottle of matte finish

Eye Perfector

For someone that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, I try to find a product that gives good under eye coverage without a heavy look. Garnier "Miracle Skin Perfector" BB Eye is the perfect treat to cover dark circles and it leaves my skin ultra moisturized. What I love most about it is that it does not make my eye makeup run and I can use on other areas of my face for some added highlighting. Brighten Up with

makeup brush

Coconut Smooth Me

Now I love a good body moisturizer, but I get distracted after the shower and sometimes forget to apply. Thanks to Jergens "Moisturizer For Wet Skin" with Coconut oil I don't have to worry anymore. This amazing smelling lotion is applied while your skin is still wet, it blends with water and soaks right into my pores. It has no greasy feel and it dries quickly so you can get out the door in no time. Get your smooth on with

makeup brush
Beauty Buzz 411
Written by Crystal Jensen   
Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

All About The Brows

Truth be told, great eyebrow shaping really defines the face. I came across the "Brow Master" eyebrow kit from The Face Shop and it's my new BFF. It's great for the non-makeup pros out there. This sweet colour combo and great applicator make it easy to create the perfect shade for a bold or natural look. Define Your Face at


box of Brow Master eyebrow kit

Prime Time

The best way to get the most out of your self-tanner is to first prep your skin. Jergens Natural Glow "Colour Primer In-Shower Scrub" has a wicked scent and just the right amount of grit to exfoliate my skin in all the right ways. This little beauty creates a perfectly polished canvas to set you up for streak-free gorgeous colour. Get Scrubbing at and

jar of shower scrub

Take It Off

The new "Sweet Almond Oil" nail varnish remover from The Body Shop is the bomb! This acetone free remover is unbelievable at taking any polish off, even glitter and textured lacquers. With sweet almond oil, my cuticles and nails stayed moisturized and soft, and without the harsh chemicals it had a refreshingly mild scent. Visit today

bottle of varnish remover

Beach Blonde

Close your eyes and picture an ocean breeze, sea salt hair and the smell of coconut scented skin. That's what you'll get to experience with John Frieda's "Sea Waves" Salt Spray. This awesome spray gave my short style definition and just enough texture for beautiful tousled waves. Daydream this fall with

bottle of hair spray

All Curled Up

Calling all Fall Brides and Beauty Queens! Instawave from Kiss is the latest must have, fool-proof styling tool. This automatic curling wand will be your go-to for creating perfect, tangle-free soft curls. Whatever the occasion, your new do' will have you looking like you've just stepped out of the salon. Check out or

curling iron

Sleeping Beauty

Want to feel like a Greek goddess, or at least have skin like one? Then you need to try the Greek Yogurt "Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial" by KORRES. Packed with more protein than regular yogurt, my skin was moisturized and completely glowing the next morning. This is a definite ritual for hydrating your skin while you sleep. Grab one at or at a local Sephora

jar of facial cream
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