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Dr Sachit Shah,


Dr Sachit Shah is a Family Physician with a special interest in cosmetic medicine. He has a Diploma in Dermatology and has a large cosmetic clinic in Surrey, BC with more than 20 medical esthetic devices to help you age the way you want to.

Recent articles by Dr Sachit Shah

The Cleopatra Lift The Cleopatra Lift Dr Sachit Shah
According to world-renowned scholars, Queen Cleopatra VII was one of...
The Best in Vein TreatmentsThe Best in Vein TreatmentsDr Sachit Shah
New options for uncomfortable, unsightly varicose veins. Now that summer is...

Popular articles by Dr Sachit Shah

Random articles by Dr Sachit Shah

Beyond Botox – Advanced Injectable Treatments Beyond Botox – Advanced Injectable Treatments Dr Sachit Shah
Facial “fillers” are no longer your only option. Facial aging affects...
Body Contouring Without the KnifeBody Contouring Without the KnifeDr Sachit Shah
Proven options for non-surgical fat elimination. Are you looking to get...